March 23, 2010

Burlap and Yarn Wreath

So I told you I had a lot of projects going on this week since it's Spring Break for me :)

And even more so now that I stole a quick shopping trip to Goodwill. Like I needed more things... but they were perrrrfect.

So this wreath is a combination of all kinds of ideas... I'm so in love with burlap thanks to Tatertots and Jello's fabulous blog. And I loved the idea of wrapping a form in yarn so here is my take:


All you need is:

*wreath form (I got it at the Dollar Store)
*Yarn- I used two different colors
*scraps of burlap
*other fabric scraps
*various large buttons
*hot glue gun
*ribbon (I used lace) to hang from

First gather your supplies:

Then take your hot glue gun and the yarn you want to be your base and start wrapping around the wreath form. Use the hot glue gun to secure as you go. I found that cutting pieces of yarn and wrapping large chunks were easier than wrapping it all without cutting it. Just secure each end with the hot glue gun.

It's okay to overlap the yarn to make sure to cover up the green form.
Or you can take burlap or scrap fabric and cover the form before wrapping the yarn

Secure as you go... make sure it's tight enough not to see through

Next, I took the lighter yarn and just wrapped around to make a contrasting stripe.

Then take your burlap and fabric scraps and start cutting circles... they don't have to be perfect, I liked the rough edges.


Stack the circles in whatever arrangement you want to make flowers... then hot glue a button into the middle.

Aren't they pretty?

Hot glue onto the wreath form. I gathered them all into one area.

Loop your ribbon and secure with a knot to hang... and hang in a spot needing a spot of spring!



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  1. So cute! And funny because I just posted pics of my knock off Tatertots and Jello wreath today! Love it!

  2. I love it!! Looks so good!
    Jenn @ My Creative Heart

  3. Fun wreath! A job well done!
    smiles, alice

  4. Very cute and it looks like it was so fun to make.

  5. Wow, what stunning results! Thanks for linking up!

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