March 16, 2010

Cabinet Door Turned Welcome Sign...

Our neighborhood always has fun things waiting to be given a new lease on life...

so imagine my excitement when we found this:

I loved the details on the door and it was just the perfect size. I decided almost instantly that it needed to be the welcome sign in our garage.

So I took this...

and painted it on the middle slats... I taped off the edges but decided later it didn't really matter- I was going for the messy look :)

It took me FOREVER to figure out what colors I wanted to do it in... which is why the poor thing sat around for a few days while I decided. I finally decided to go outside my comfort zone a little and make it fun and bright... so...

it turned red...

While that layer dried, I went to work on making some fun flowers for the corner. I wanted to liven it up some.

Then I painted a layer of crackle paint on the door and painted a top coat of a beautiful shade of blue

(it looks darker online...)

Isn't it lookin' perty??

I decided it still needed a little something so I grabbed these...

and made this...

It's hard to tell on the carpet, but it's just a simple piece of burlap that I frayed at the bottom. I took a bunch of random chipboard letters I had and painted them various colors then hotglued them on the burlap.

The 'o' is two buttons layered on top of each other :)

I attached my burlap sign with twine and hotglued the twine to the back of the door.

What do you think??!!??

I had so much fun and LOVE how it turned out!!

You can't get much better than free! And with all my supplies being things I had on hand... I was a happy camper!

Here's the before and after just to let you see what a transformation it went through:

The person who threw this away had no idea what a treasure they had! Itsn't that a shame?
I can't cry though... it was perfect for making my garage a happier place :)

I'm entering this into the CSI project 'paint' challenge:



Life in the Pitts

Beyond The Picket Fence


  1. This looks awesome! The flowers are so cute and of course I love the burlap. Great job!


  2. This is awesome! I love everything about it. The colors, the burlap, the flowers, the chalkboard paint. Crazy what people throw away!

    Thank you for linking this up to A Little Craft Therapy, with Life in the Pitts.

  3. I am on the hunt for the perfect door now. I love it! Love the flowers, colors, the wiggly eyeball, absolutely everything. Good eye! Poor people who lost their door.:) Hope I can find someone as unlucky. Did I just say that? Hehe!

  4. What do I think? I think I love it! Great job!

  5. I love the colors and that welcome is so much fun. Thanks for linking up!

  6. What a great idea! When we built our house 2 of the cabinet doors were in the wrong style so they sent new ones and the old ones have been sitting out in the garage! I am sooo inspired now! Thanks!

  7. Oh girlfriend, I love this! You have me thinking of if I have a cabinet door laying around somewhere! :)


  8. A husband that finds things on the side of the road - perfect!

    Very creative!

  9. Oh my gosh, I want this!!! This turned out adorable!! How can I find a cabinet door?! Way to go!


  10. what a sweet idea! <3

  11. This is so cute! I love the colors you used...great job!

  12. How stinken fun! I love all that you did to just jazz that cupboard door up.

  13. I love this idea! Such creative way to take something plain and make it amazing. Thanks for linking up this week!

  14. Hi Kelsey! I featured this on my blog today! Come check it out!


  15. Love it! SO cute! Thanks for sharing! I became a follower :)

  16. I loved this and it inspired me. I made my own version
    Thank you!

  17. How absolutely adorable! I love the little flowers!

  18. What a fun project! I love the color you painted it and those flowers are adorable!

    Thanks so much for linking up to the CSI Project! We really appreciate it. I hope you will come back next week for our Hardware Store challenge!



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