March 20, 2010

Easy Paper Flower Tutorial

Remember this project and these flowers I used?

Well I thought I'd throw up a quick how-to on the fun flowers I used on it. I just wanted something quick and easy... and these fit the bill :)

All I used were:
*paper I had on hand
*hot glue gun
*big buttons

I took the piece of scrapbook paper and cut it in 6 strips:

Then curled each down into a loop and secured with the hot glue gun (don't crease them- keep them with a pretty petal loop!)

Here's all six glued:

Then I glued them on top of each other going around in a circle to make the flower shape:

Here it is glued in their 'circle'

Pop a button on and YUM!

A fun, easy flower!

This one I did with ribbon:

Happy weekend everyone!

*stay tuned... this week is Spring Break for me and I have tons planned :) *



  1. Oh you should plan a day to come see your sister!! We go could to some flea markets near my house!! Oh but you must bring along that crazy nephew of mine:)

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! I found you from Oopsey Daisy. I can't wait to make some of these flowers...and a chalkboard.

    Cute blog...glad I found you!


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