March 30, 2010

sunshine canvas with sticks!

So spring break is officially over.

Physics at nine in the morning. ugh.

But look at this beauty I made:

Makes you forget about phsyics, huh?

Oh wait... that's just me. :)

So me and little man were outside playing and there are sticks everywhere.

You have to understand... I grew up on a big plot of land that had pretty much NO trees. The ones we did have were Cedars... no leaves, no sticks. You didn't really notice them.

When I moved into town after getting married we have massive amounts of TREES.

You should have seen me during fall.
There were leaves everywhere.
Seriously... I about had a cow.
My husband just laughed and laughed.

Our driveway was covered... they got tracked into the house and I had to pick up a rake for the first time.

So I digress...

regardless... we never had sticks either so I was quite inspired.

It might not be your cup of tea but my little man wanted a sun and we love the song 'you are my sunshine' so this was born.

*canvas (I used one I had on hand)
*Hot glue gun
*Leftover scrap of fabric or twine
*phrase of some sort
*lots and lots of sticks

I washed my sticks before just to make sure no bugs decided to live with us forever :)

I had a canvas on hand that was from a project forever ago... the color is not the right blue and I've been using it to check out techniques of other stuff so I decided to give it a makeover.

I grabbed several colors of paint because I wanted a streaky color... not just one bright yellow.
I mixed browns and tans into the yellow until I got it how I liked it:

Doesn't it make you smile?

I scuffed the edges up a bit and even streaked a little blue in there :)

Then... (shame on me for no pictures) I laid out the sticks in the arrangement I liked. It took me several tries but finally ended up with this:

I just put some hot glue on the back of each and went around in my little circle.

Then I tied some twine and fabric in a little bow and glued in the middle :)

I decided I wanted a phrase on it so I made my own rub-on on the computer (love rub-ons!)

I scuffed it up to make it look old and worn.

and voila!

Easy easy.

and it brightens up my hallway!

I brushed a little blue paint over the sticks to make them stand out a little :)

I LOVE how the colors turned out.

So I'm pretty much in love.

Bring on the sun, arkansas.

....but not toooo too much. :)

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  1. What a cute project! I linked it up at

  2. That is super creative! I bet it looks great on the wall.

    Thank you for linking this to A Little Craft Therapy with Life in the Pitts.

  3. How cool! I was staring at the fist picture trying to figure out what the sticks were, they look so unique! SO CREATIVE!!!

    I love the color and how you scuffed it up. And how do you make rub ons on the computer?!?!? I'm dying to know!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your sweet comments. Hope you'll be back often!

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  4. So cool and creative! Love the little You are my sunshine at the bottom--thanks for sharing.

  5. Love it!! Love the phrase too!


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