April 28, 2010

Ammo Box Makeover

So, remember when I showed you this?

Haven't you been dying to see what it's purpose is??
I know you have... so I thought I'd cut the suspense already.

Here is my fabulous little (eccentric) find:

Yes... it's an ammo crate.

How fun is that?

Now remember that I live with two guys... my husband about lost it when I came carrying this in.
It's one thing that I randomly bought at an antique store that he is 100% okay with.

My sister and I scoured a couple antique stores in Conway and found some fabulous things... but she ended up finding this shoved in a corner.
Super jealous.
So I begged her for it.

Somehow she allowed me to take it home.
But it's a loaner.

But I lurve it!

See the rope handles?

I had an idea for this lovely... one that my husband never ever thought an ammo box would be used for.

Here's the inside... pretty clean with just a hint of gunpowder residue.

This is my favorite part:

Not just the fabulous hardware... but the fact that it says 'ammunition for cannon'.

I can't believe ammo is still carried this way.
I guess it works.

Anyways. we picked this up for hardly anything... I searched the web and found them for upwards of hundred bucks.

Here's what I had in mind:

Doesnt' it make the cutest little blanket box ever?

Rustic, a little masculine and altogether wonderful!

The table was an end table my husband was using but got replaced... so I painted over the boring brown and made it pop with my fav blue color.
Then I just set the ammo box on, filled it with blankets and it was ready to go.

A couple details:

I found this amazing rope at an antique store- a huge roll of it for three bucks.
I loved how it matched the rope handles on the box so I tied the blankets with each of them.

The 'relax' sign is actually a sample piece of hardwood that my dad had from redoing his floors.
The kind a store gives you to see if you like the color.
I painted it yellow, put a vinyl saying on and sanded the heck out of it :)

Then I attached it by gluing twine to the back and looping around the corners of the box.

Sunshiney- beautiful, huh?

I'm quite in love with it.

and doesn't it look lovely under my empty frame wall?

Our cat, ellie, loves to sleep under it so we stuck her kitty bed there.

Comfort everywhere :)

Beyond The Picket Fence



  1. I am super loving this box!!!!! I love the fact that the way you are using it couples the masculine side (rough and tough, ammo for goodness sakes!) and the softer side with the colors, the blankets, the relax sign and a fuzzy kitty underneath! That's my kind of decor! Congrats - great job!

  2. Kelsey, I love it! That box is very cool.. great blog! I'm a new follower. xx

  3. hi Kelsey - a great find and I love it that you didn't paint it - it's perfect just the way it is. Glad I found your blog today! -diane

  4. Okay, I LOVE that you used an AMMO box... that is great!! I love your empty frame wall, too, by the way!

  5. What a great way to use it--I like the added relax sign. Thanks so much for linking up!

  6. I am glad you got to use the Ammo box. My mom had two that she used as steps for her lake house (trailer) front door. They were cute steps and she could store tools in them. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Perfect! And adding rope around each blanket is just the icing on the whole decor. Great work!

    Thanks for Hookin' Up with me at my party!

  8. This is adorable and I love what you have done with it - Super cute! Thanks so much for joining the Sunday Showcase Party! I greatly appreciate it! Hope you are enjoying your weekend! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  9. Hi! Stopping over from Sunday showcase. This is just great!
    -Mama E

  10. My husband is drooling over the ammo box. It's from 1967 (ck left corner in your second pic.) and he happened to have been in Vietnam. He said the guys used these empty ammo boxes for their "hooches" (aka: barracks) for walls, shelves, whatever they needed them for. He's getting me some pictures of them right now. Now he wants to look for a box from that era. Army surplus stores, here we come!


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