April 21, 2010

Birthday Update: Party Trays

So puppy party is now five days away... eek!

I still have tons to do... and semester exams are coming up so professors are piling on the workload.
Don't they know Ryan turns three on Sunday????

Well I'm not one to be a huge spender on throwing lavish parties but I like things to be CUTE.
With a capital C of course :)

So I wanted some cute serving dishes.

While I was perusing the dollar store I found these:

And some random candlesticks... I also had some from Goodwill  (sorry no pictures)

All I used were:
*silver plates (Dollar Store)
*various candlesticks
*Wooden Ball Knobs from Hobby Lobby
*Scrapbook Paper
*Mod Podge
*Spray paint

I took the silver plates and painted them.
I used several different colors.
Here's a red one:

I didn't worry about the middle portion because it would be covered up.
I also painted the backside since I wanted them to be pedestal-type plates.

So I was a terrible blogger and didn't take pictures of the next steps.

But they are easy.

*Take your scrapbook paper and cut it to size. (I laid mine in the tray, creased around the edges then just cut it out)
*Mod Podge the heck out of it... careful of air bubbles
*Then coat the whole thing in ModPodge
*either leave as is or mount on painted candlesticks or ball knobs for cute little trays... :)

Here are mine all done:

I LOVED how they turned out.

Wont' they look cute with all kinds of yummy doggy treats? (kid-friendly of course!)

I love those paw prints :)

Aren't those little ball feet ca-ute??

I'm so excited to decorate tables... ooh but I still have lots to do.


*Thank you to Beyond the Picket Fence for the fabulous feature on my trays!*



  1. I love them! I used decorative boxes and a charger for a cupcake display and it was so cute and easy! Good luck with the party planning and school!

  2. How cute! I made some for a teenager party and used Platic cups with a stem in funky colors and found platic poko dot plates at Dollor General. They were fun and so colorful.


  3. Super, super, super cute!! Love this idea! I'm tagging it to *borrow* for my son's next bday party. :)

  4. These are fabulous! I love the colors.

  5. These are great! Very creative and cute!

  6. These are awesome. Pretty colors!

    I'm hosting "Saturday is Crafty Day" on April 24th and I'd love it if you stopped by!

  7. Those are so fun and great--I want to do this for my next party! Thanks for linking up!

  8. I'm visiting from 'new friend friday' and just wanted to say that I love this idea ;o)

    I think the ball feet are my fave! When I get a chance I will definitely have to try this. Have a great weekend!

  9. Visiting from New Friend Friday. Love these! They're craftastic!

  10. Hello. Happy New Friend Friday. I decided to follow your blog. I hope you will come see me. I am #38 on Mr. Linky or

    Love your trays. I am now going to have to make some of these for camp.

  11. I have been reading through your posts and I love all of your ideas!!! I am now a follower and I found you through New Friend Friday!

  12. These are just adorable! I'm over from New Friend Friday. Looking forward to reading more great project ideas from you!

  13. These trays are great! I love the bold colors and the papers are such a great idea!
    Stopping by from New Friend Friday!

  14. cute as can be! I'm your newest follower from New Friend Friday. I would be honored if you choose to do the same!

  15. These are adorable...I'll be searching for some at Goodwill and garage sales...thank you!

  16. Count me as a follower and in for Tuesday Tag-Along.

    I am going to make those trays!! Soooo incredible!!

    I would be thrilled if you would link up and show off your stuff at Shop Your House going on now over at my place :)

  17. I LOVE the ball feet! So cute and colourful! Great idea!

  18. Love how you lined them with paper.

  19. These are super Cute! Thanks for sharing~

  20. How fun! My wheels are turning!

  21. I always just click on things I like at linky parties and see where they take me. How come it's here A LOT? Cause these are AWESOME! So cute. Saw them on CSI. Great job!

  22. These are so cute - I can think of a few places they would not only look good, but be fuctional as well. You have inspired me!!!


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