April 07, 2010

Covered Books Tutorial

Hello fantabulous bloggers!

I feel that I've been slacking lately... but I'm going to make it up. Promise.

Hopefully you'll be seeing pictures of the puppy invitation for little man's party that I've been working on up soon!

For now... I wanted to show you one of the projects for decorating my little white table from here.
I needed some fun pieces and absolutely love having books out.

So here's what came of it:

And they're so incredibly easy to do!

*various books in several sizes
*Mod Podge
*scrapbook paper (Fabric would work too)
*paint (I used acrylic)
*Various hardware and other embellishments

First grab the books and paper you want to use.

My university has a table with random books on it in the English building. I loved these because they were heavy and had those gorgeous heavy paper in them. (and they smell fabulously old). I think these were printed in the fifties. I just snatched them up.
I digress though :)

Take your books and paint around all three open edges with your acrylic paint. It doesn't matter if it gets inside the pages. Hopefully these aren't reading books :)

I used three different colors to juxtapose with the paper I was using.

Then grab your paper and fold around the book:

I folded and creased around all the edge to know where to cut.
Cut it to size.
Then crease again to get the edges nice and crip around the binding.
This makes it easy to ModPodge.

Take your ModPodge and paint it onto the cover of the book.
I started on the back cover and worked my way around the binding to the front. I didn't want any bubbles :)

After you have it on nice and smooth, brush a layer over the top.

Then add various embellishments... I added a on drawer handle on one and used some twine to add a washer to the other.

Enjoy your new fabulous books!

Aren't they fun??

I am IN LOVE with them. :)


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  1. Love your covered books! Elegant + funky = Faboo! I esp. like the handle you put on one. Take care and come see me sometime at

    Take care! I'm following!

  2. Love it! I need to try this, I always need some pretty books to display on my shelves!:) Good job...I love the handle too!

  3. Kelsey...lovin' these! And lovin' the handle!

  4. These are so pretty! And yup, that handle is adorable.

    Thank you for linking this to A Little Craft Therapy with Life in the Pitts

  5. I love how yours turned out, great colors and papers--thanks for linking up!

  6. Love the books covered! This project has been on my to-do list for a while. Thanks for the tutorial. I am visiting from New Friends Friday.

  7. I love your books! I made some a couple of weeks ago with old phone books and wrapping paper.

  8. Great idea! I love the papers you used! Stop by our Anything Related Party on Tuesdays!

  9. That's great. Thanks for sharing!
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    Blogger Chix Designs

  10. So very creative! I love this idea. I have tons of scrapbook paper laying around not being used.
    Came from New Friend Friday.

  11. Really great idea. Too funky!!!! :-)

  12. I love this idea! And the turquoise one especially. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  13. They look beautiful! Thanks for a great idea for a table or shelf decor!

  14. What a fun project. I want to make some! I love the little handle too. So cute!

    Thanks so much for linking up to The CSI Project's hardware Store Challenge! We hope you will come back next week for the Martha Stewart-inspired challenge -- The MS Craft Department are our guest judges!!!


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