April 03, 2010

Egg hunt t-shirt!

So I know this is a little after-the-fact kind of post. But it got finished last night :)

My son asked me for an egg t-shirt... well it's my first time to ever attempt a shirt for him

What do you think?

It's not perfect... but hey, it was a first try!

Here's what I did though there are probably a thousand easier ways to do it too.

First I got an egg template:

And printed it out.

I laid it down on my fabric:

and cut around it, leaving plenty of room around the edges. It didn't matter if it was a perfect shape or not because you're going to cut the edges to fray them anyways.

Then I pinned it down all the way around:

and sewed a simple seam all the way around.

Now, I'm the world's worst sewer and couldn't risk the machine hating me, so I hand-sewed around. It doesn't have to be perfect and you might not even need to sew. I just wanted the seam to be there as cuteness factor. :)

One you've sewed around, cut slits all the way around right up to your seam (or however far in that you want to cut, if you didn't sew)

After that, pop it into the washer and dryer. Depending on your fabric, it should fray right up. Mine was a cotten blend so it frayed but didn't curl up like it would if it was flannel.

After the egg was done, I laid it on the t-shirt to see where I wanted it placed and got my stencil out for the words:

I used word to get a font I liked and blew it up to about 300, turned it into an outline then printed.
Use an exacto knife to carefully cut out the letters for a stencil.

I could have used my Cricut but I wanted a different font but you can definitely use that.

Here it is painted on! I used the same blue that was in the egg.

Then I used heat and bond to adhere the egg to the shirt.

And here it is all done! I orginally wasn't going to put 'egg' on there but it looked like it was a name 'hunter' so I added it for no confusion :)

I thought it turned out cute for my first try!

Little man loved it:

And that makes it all worth it :)



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