September 20, 2010

Wooden Pumpkin Project

So I promise I made these before they popped up all over blogland :)

I'm just behind in posting, remember?

I saw this way cute project where they made candy corn using wood and beadboard... and I had this amazing pile of molding (I think that's what it is...) just sitting in my garage.
I'm pretty sure it's one of my roadside treasures. Yay!

It caught my eye because of the grooves it had in it... but it was thick enough that they could stand on their own.
Since they were rectangular and not candy corn-esque shaped... I immediately thought PUMPKINS!

So they were cut to size, sanded on the corners and painted
I used a mixture of orange acrylic paint and some brown:

For the stems I had some wooden dowels that I just cut and glued together on the tops of the pumpkins. Then I tied a bit of twine around them.

They were a bit too orange for me... so I gave them a good coat of glaze and sanded them down again.

Here's how the lovelies faired:

I LOVE the rustic look of them.

And best part, they were made using materials I had so they were FREE. Gotta love that.
At first I was worried that only I would know what they were but then little man came into the room and said 'mommy, I love your pumpkins!' and I knew I was fine :)

I love that he loves my projects!

These little guys were the first piece of fall to enter the house... as soon as they did, I dug out all my fall decor.
I guess they were the inspiration for fall decorating...

watcha think?

I'm thinking apple cider... too bad Arkansas weather is still in the 90's!
Hurry up crisp cool weather :)

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  1. Kelsey, these little guys are adorable!!! You did a great job and thanks for sharing them with us!

  2. Oooh, cute!! They definitely look better sanded. I"m in SC and it's still in the 90's here too. BOO! Isn't tomorrow supposed to be the first day of Fall??

    ~ The Speckled Dog

  3. So cute! I have had pumpkins on my to do list for a while! I love yours!

  4. SO CUTE!!! SO glad to have you (and your ideas) back :)


  5. That is such a cute idea, and soooo easy!

  6. Hi Kelsey! I love your blog! Emma and I have been browsing through lots of your past posts - what fun projects. Glad to hear things are going better - I'll be praying for you.

  7. Those are so cute. I like that you gave them a good sanding too. Makes them look nice and worn. Great project.

  8. Hello, Kelsey! These are so cute and I don't think I would have ever seen pumpkins out of that moulding, but wow! Great eye! I love how you finished them. Thanks for joining the party~

  9. I love this idea! You should come over to and link up tomorrow Tuesday Tell All!

  10. Stopping over from TT&J! Love these! They are so cute and what is better than making something for free! Great job!

  11. LOVE THIS! I am not a follower of yours! Hope you will stop by and follow simple as 1-2-3 soon!

  12. So cute! I'm loving all these painted pumpkins, and I really like the dimension the molding gives yours. And you can't beat free!

  13. Very cute pumpkins! I really like how you painted them.

  14. These are super fabulous! I love the texture and ridges of the molding! I am featuring this at

  15. Hi, I just popped over from Someday Crafts. These are adorable! Great idea!


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