October 21, 2010

Master Bath Reveal!

I'm excited to show you my FIRST ever whole-room makeover :)

But you have to promise to be kind...
It is my first time, after all.

Here's what we started with:

This was my first time to attempt getting wallpaper down... so my mom helped me out a LOT.
Thanks mom :)

I love the tile in the shower and floor but hated the wallpaper (I guess it could have been worse, though).
It made me not want to hang things on the wall because everything just looked...ugh...

And the shiny gold just drove me up a wall.

So I took it all down :)

I was wayyy too excited to have an excuse to try out beadboard... I conned my dad into putting it up for me.
I'm pretty sure I was jumping up and down.
Love me some beadboard.

Here it is with wallpaper stripped and beadboard going up:

I agonized over what color paint to use in this room.
Since it's in our bedroom, it had to go somewhat with the deep blue and browns on the wall.
I decided on a blue-gray color from Sherwin Williams called 'Krypton'.

I LOVE this color. It made me giddy as it was going up :)

Here she is...all beautified.

Now...yes, it would look much better with a pretty shower curtian.
I know that's what you're thinking.
BUT stop right there.

I have a phobia of shower curtians that I can't see through.
Are you laughing?
Seriously though.

I saw a movie when I was somewhere around eight and it was this horrific scene of someone pretending to be dead in the bathtub then his wife walking in and he lifted his head out...

I just saw a part of the scene.
But I absolutely CANNOT stand to not be able to see into the bathtub.
So clear it is. track...

I actually hung stuff on the walls though :)

You'll be seeing more about that "find rest O my soul" hanging soon.

I love how the crisp white towels look against the wall.

My hubby has strict instructions that they are for decoration only.
White towels with boys. Yikes.

It looks so HUGE now.

I ADORE this mirror. Before we just had a standard white square mirror.
There's nothing standard about this.
A friend of mine gave it to me FREE.
It was that brassy gold color but Heirloom white and black glaze gave it a new life.

Doesn't it make the bathroom look romantic?
I think so.

This thingy (really, what IS it?) was black. More heirloom white.
I think it's perfect for holding all my bracelets.
I'm a bracelet fanatic.
Necklaces too.
Not so much on shoes and earrings though. :)

I got this fabulous saying as a free printable.
Does anyone know where? I'd love to give her credit. She had a ton of beautiful ones.

I just printed it off as a 5x7 and put it in a Hobby Lobby clearanced frame that I got for 2$!
More heirloom white... hehe.

Do you guys remember this print I made?
Well it ended up in here.
I printed it off and put it in the front of this jewelry hanger.
With some pretty linen behind it, it was an easy update!

I put my 'hope' up that I got from Hobby Lobby.
This was my little paradise to escape to when life got hard during all that horrible stuff.
A long bath does wonders :)
But this helped me remember not to give up hope. Ever.
And it paid off.

I am in love with this room.
That chandelier picture by the door is what inspired the Krypton color.
I love chandy's.

And I love beadboard too.
(and my fabulous father who put it all up)

And of course, you can't forget the horrible gold fixtures throughout my lovely house.
But not in the master bath anymore...
I got oil-rubbed bronze pulls for the drawers and a new towel bar.
Oil Rubbed Bronze spraypaint did the job for the

*Shower Curtian Rod
*Toilet Paper Holder
*Hand Towel Holder
*Towel Peg

(Best tip I have for spraying the metal rods is to lightly sand them... it helps the paint to not drip.)

It's amazing the difference a new fixture can make.

So what do you guys think of my first real room makeover?

Are you as thrilled as I am?

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  1. Love you girl! You did great!

    Your dad

  2. It looks so beautiful! I love everything you have done! :)

  3. Great remodel!! Love the paint color and the beadboard and I LOVE that you spray painted the fixtures rather than buying new ones! AWESOME job!

  4. Looks great! I love the beadboard, especially!

  5. Great job! Love the beadboard and the wall color! What color did you use?

  6. kelsey! this is fabulous! you are amazing! want to come to my house and redo my bathroom??? :)

  7. I just re-did a bath in my house with beadboard too, and I love it as much as you do. It is too pretty! I really love your paint color- so calm and serene- and it goes so nicely with all the heirloom white. I might have to use that color too!

  8. What a wonderful before/after! Love seeing all the details. The color is soft and I LOVE all the quotes throughout!

  9. What a beautiful, calm and serene bathroom you have now! SO much better than the original. I think my favorite addition is the mirror! So cute!

  10. You did an amazing job for your first time bathroom makeover! I LOVE that paint color! I recently painted our master bedroom a similar blue gray color (and I may actually finish the whole room in about 5 more years at this rate!). I'd love to continue that color into our master bath, and you've given me some great inspiration for how to decorate the space!

  11. Wow, this is so pretty!!!
    I absolutely love it

  12. Very sweet bathroom! Love the soft colors. And yes, very romantic too!

  13. Wow! This was a great transformation! Thanks for posting the photos and I am going to check out that paint color. I have been looking for a blue like that and hope "Krypton" does the trick for me too. Great post!

  14. Amazing makeover--I just love the colors you chose.

  15. Great job! And don't worry about your shower curtain fear. (Was the movie What Lies Beneath?) I have kind of a weird thing with mirrors-- like facing a mirror in the dark or two mirrors facing each other. Just gives me the willies. LOL Maybe you can find a clear shower curtain with a graphic print on it. :o)

  16. Looks fabulous! Love the color name. We painted my daughter's room "brave purple". Krypton sound so much more special than light blue gray :)

  17. Great job, love the beadboard, the paint color and the mirror!

  18. cool beans!!! that looks great!!!
    i am adding you to my blog roll!!!

  19. It looks great! I love the beadboard and the wall color is so soothing. A small suggestion about the shower curtain in case you ever do want a decorative one. You could add another rod for the decorative one so it can be totally open while you're showering and closed to look pretty when not. I do this because I can't stand to shower and not be able to SEE, but do like to close it all off when we have guests.

    Good riddance ugly wallpaper! Great job. :o)

  20. I love the colors you chose and love the beadboard. Great job. I wish my crew would obey the decorative towel rule. I gave up on that one! I hope your luck is better!

  21. Wow, girl! This looks amazing! (: The color is great and I love the tile. The art is so favorite being the "my hope comes from him" LOVE it!

  22. What a night and day transformation. I am loving that big mirror. Your Joy to the World sign that was featured at A Liitle Knick Knack is so creative too.

    Take care,

  23. Hi Kelsey your bathroom looks fabulous!! Love the color and the beadboard and such a pretty mirror!! Martina

  24. Great update! Love the mirror!

  25. Your room came out great! I put some beadboard up in my half bath and it made a world of difference! Though now I am stuck on the decoration

    I'm your newest follower :)

  26. You really did a beautiful job! I love how bright & fresh everything looks. you are amazing and very inspiring. keep on sharing

  27. absolutely gorgeous! thank you for sharing!

  28. I love every single thing in your bathroom but especially those mirror.


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