October 01, 2010

...Quick Tray Revamp...

This is a quick n' easy project.

Remember forever ago when I told you about all the fun stuff I got from Savers in this post?
See that awesome octogonish tray?
I scored it for two dollars!

(anyone know why blogger won't turn some pictures around? Sooo frustrating.)

I fell in love with its shape. It was beautiful solid wood too :)

I originally planned to just paint it a straight mediterrean blue... then glaze it.
But the paint didn't like sticking too it... might have been that I tried painting it when it was about a bajillion degrees out.


But I actually LOVED how it turned out when the paint wouldn't stick.

See those splotchy marks? I actually really like it :)
So I sprayed it... let it dry then gave it a really good sanding.
I sanded the edges and the middle really well and you can see the original grain peeking through.

I added a couple of bronzey-gold handles from my stash and called it a day!

I love love how the blue turned out.

So vintage-y huh?
Not too bad for a two dollar tray.
It's taken up residence on top of my table turned bench I did a while back.

Lurve me some vintage-y blue :)


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  1. Love the blue!! Oh how I want something that color in my house . . . . just need to find the right thing. Looks fabulous!

  2. Great color! Thanks for linking up with Anything Related! ~Bridgette


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