November 15, 2010

Christmas Tree Scrap Pillow

Leftover duck fabric + scraps of fun fabric + Christmas-sy mood = Tree pillow!

I'm slowly starting to pump out some christmas projects, aren't ya proud?
I was incredibly productive this weekend considering it was my first 'no thinking of school' weekend I've had in FOREVER.
So I got down to business.

Little man is all about Christmas this year since he's three.. I'll show you some of his masterpieces from this past weekend soon.

He's been asking for a tree pillow for a little while so when I saw a pile of scraps leftover from a rag quilt I made wayyy back when... I saw tree!

I also had some fantastic pieces of off-white duck fabric (just why is it called duck fabric, really?)

I took my pile of scraps and started cutting them and laying them out on the duck fabric...

This was really the longest part...getting everything the way I wanted it :)

It ended up being bigger than I had first envisioned...but I liked it. A lot.

I rolled a piece of burlap and made a burlap flower that could pretend to be a star!

Want to know a secret?
Don't hate me, kay?
I'm not the world's greatest this is hot-glued on.
But that's okay, right?

you still love me?

I usually hate my handwriting.
But with a calligraphy pen, I can handle it a little better :)
So I added 'be merry' at the base of the tree.

I promise I DID sew the pillow together... no hot glue there. :)

I love it!
It's a big, snuggly pillow and little man approves!

Plus it's the whole non-traditional blue and brown scheme that has me in love...
...can you tell by my couch and wall color that I'm way beyond smitten?

The front with the tree is made with the off-white duck fabric.
The back is a chocolate brown duck fabric.
I love the stuff!

Do you love these fabrics as much as I do?

I'm so ready for Christmas... maybe somewhat because it would mean this semester is over.
But I do have one more Thanksgiving craft up my sleeve... just wait!

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  1. Love it! Turned out so cute and a great way to "get rid of" your scrap fabric!

  2. This is so pretty and I love the color combination. Great job!

  3. oh I love this. I think I need to make some!! I'd love if you come link up to Handmade Tuesdays @ Ladybug Blessings

  4. Hey there! I just happened to find your blog and I love it! I can't wait to see what you have coming up in the future!


  5. I love this and the fabric combinations are endless!!! ~~Sherry

  6. Adorable pillow ~ I love the colours!

  7. Love it and so easy! Can't wait to try it out! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love your tree! That turned out so cute. Thanks for sharing.


  9. Love the colours!
    Pillow looks really nice.
    Best regards

  10. Love EVERYTHING about this pillow. I am featuring it at

  11. Wow, this pillow is awesome, I might have to use this idea, I've got some scraps left from my little guy's turkey shirt that would be all Christmas-y. Thanks!

  12. Looks great! Such a great idea! Might have to make one of my own!

  13. Kelsey, I'm a luvin this! You're crafts are fabulous!

  14. Ok I'm in Love! I need to make one of these or two ;)

  15. Lovely pillow. I would love to invite you for the christmas pillow linky party in my blog. Please do come and join the party with your lovely pillow. Thank you


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