November 02, 2010

New Take on a Fall Wreath

Do you guys ever feel like you can't really keep up?
Or is that just me?

Fab bloggers are already pumping out the Christmas crafts... and I'm barely able to keep up with my tests this week!

I just feel behind.

But I guess it's never too late to still enjoy fall.
It's actually starting to feel cold here today!

A while back I found this tutorial. 
I fell in love with the different shaped version of a wreath.

It stayed in my head for a little while until I found an old frame stashed in my craft room and happened upon this awesome felt leaf from JoAnn's.

And it just came together.
I love that :)

Old Frame
Glue Gun
Book that you can tear up :)
Something fun to hang in the middle

I got a stack of books from my university- the english department lays them out and I snatched a stack!

All I did was start ripping out pages (sad, yes) and cutting them into squares.
I got a big ole stack

I loved this random phrase I found on a couple of the pieces
It says "Death and love are absolute states of being in which ordinary human reactions and emotions have no place."
I love that the book is mostly in French but I happened upon that lovely little phrase :)

My little helper helped me crumple each square and glue to the frame until it was nice and covered:

The frame was a little narrower than I would have liked but it seemed to work...

I found this awesome felt leaf in the dollar bins at JoAnn's and brough it home.
Although it was a neon yellow when I bought it (yuck)
Oh the powers of spraypaint.

I think a lovely red is much better, don't you?

I just looped a piece of twine through the leaf and strung it to the frame.

Then I used a gorgeous piece of ribbon to hang the whole ensemble to my newly painted front door :)

Remember, my door used to be green...
I like it better this color
But it's a lot more brown in real life... I might be repainting it more heirloom white-esque soon :)

I love how the leaf looks against the door though!

I also added a brown vinyl 'welcome' to the front door.
Love my cricut :)

I love the little fall 'bling'.

I can't wait for Christmas decorating...
...but I love fall decor.
It's so, well, welcoming

But don't worry, I'll be catching up with the Christmas craze soon...
I've got things in the works

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  1. I like it!! You did a great job, Kelsey. Thanks for sharing! Your blog never disappoints, so you do it at your own speed and convenience. We'll always be here!

  2. You're so creative.. I may have to scoop up and old book at Goodwill and give this a try.

  3. Two of my favorite things: old books and felt anything! Love how this turned out - awesome.

  4. What a fun and creative idea. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hey I love this!!!

    I featured you on my blog!!!

    I hope you can stop by!

  6. posting on my blog this week! Love this!

  7. Featured you today!

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