November 10, 2010

Quick & Easy Personalized Gift

Guys, this was so easy and quick!
And it's fun, practical and...well... cute!!

Everything you need for the perfect gift.

I ended up doing this for a wedding shower but think of the possibilities- they're endless!

I started with an empty square gift box.
Those thick cardboard ones, you know?

All I did was take one of the kitchen-sized towels I had and wrapped it around the box, securing the bottom with pins through the bottom of the box.
I didn't want to use glue or anything because you want them to be able to take it apart and use it at some point :)

I just stuffed the towel in around the top of the box and down the sides... the items inside hold it nice and snug so there's no need to adhere it in anyway.

I took the lid of the box and wrapped it in a funky piece of fabric- this time I did use glue.
Then I merely just snuggled the bottom of the box down into the lid... it covers the messiness of the bottom and keeps the pins in.

Inside the box I used a clear glass vase from the Dollar Store to hold all the utensils.
Just tie some ribbon around their handles and stick 'em in!

Then I rolled the rest of the towels and snuggled them in all around the vase.

Nice and snug :)

For the front, I wrapped a piece of ribbon around the box and tied it into holes I punched into the cardstock tag I made.

You could use initials, names, numbers...whatever you can think of!

For a gift tag, I used the same design from the front tag and made another cardstock tag.
I tied a piece of ribbon on the side and slid it in among the towels.

Now you have a crazy easy gift that looks way cute!

So get to filling those boxes... think of all the fun ways!
  • Bathroom soaps, towels and essentials
  • An art box with pencils, paintbrushes, etc.
  • A coffee-filled box
  • A grilling- theme one for those special guys
  • Movie & Popcorn box
The sky is the limit!

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  1. Love this~~ I am doing something similar for a couple of my family member's for Christmas!! It is a "date" night gift! Popcorn, dvd, candy and a deck of cards etc!

  2. very cute! I love Melissa's idea of the date night stuff too!

  3. So cute! What a great shower gift!
    Thanks for linking this up along with you wall art. Great projects! :)

  4. I have always loved themed baskets, but what I love about yours is the extra special touches. The monogram really makes it much more personal. Well done. Stopping over from SYS party, have a wonderful weekend, tami

  5. What a fantastic idea. Will be saving this as a Christmas idea!

  6. What a fun idea! You're right, the possibilities are endless! Thanks for sharing your brilliance. ;)

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