December 22, 2010

Jingle Bell Garland

I saw this post over at Cozy. Cottage. Cute.  and fell in love with her pretty white garland.

I did my own version several weeks ago.
Though I'll admit it took me a while to get done. I only worked on it while I saw with Little man watching 'Diego' so it was in the works for a few days.

I picked up some packages of bells at the Dollar Store- I think I ended up using about four.

I only wanted to do silver and red bells together so rather than pick up the green and red packages they had, I just spraypainted a couple packages of silver bells.

Not perfect. But they were pretty :)

Then I got the world's longest strings of twine and cut three of them.
I wanted them to go all the way around my kitchen cabinets so they were LONG.

Really... all I did was tape the end to my table and then start braiding.
Easy in theory...but the twine kept getting tangled up so I had to go carefully.
Every eight inches or so I strung a bell into it and kept braiding.

I love how they look strung above my cabinets :)

Simple but perfectly festive.

I'm also in love with my sparkly star from Pier One that my mom surprised me with :)

Hope you like!
What last minute Christmas things are you doing today?



  1. Cute garland...I love the color of your kitchen

  2. Love your blog!! I am your newest follower! Hope you will stop by and follow Simple as 1-2-3!! =)

  3. Hey Kelsey!

    Just wanted to say that your garland turned out realllllly cute. I love the red bells that you painted.

    Wasn't braiding that twine a pain in the butt??? Hahaha.

    Hope you're having a lovely holiday.



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