January 17, 2011

Kids Art Desk Makeover

I have been dying to show you this.
And considering it was a Christmas present for my three year old, I guess there was never any danger of him looking on here and seeing it.

Nonetheless, it's taken me forever to sit down and get pictures of the after.
I guess that goes with the whole Christmas season.

I was so excited when I found this desk at the Restore a couple months ago:

It's the perfect old metal school desk.
I've been dying to have an art center for little man forever and this was perfect!
My mom decided she wanted to give it to him as his gift so for five bucks, we snatched it up.

Honestly, I have no idea why I picked red.
I guess because little man's room has red in it.
Although the craft room is the craziest green color (changing soon!!) so don't judge :)

The metal base was painted red and I LOVED the idea of giving it a chalkboard top.
I mean, it IS an art desk.
So it got several coats of chalkboard paint.

A couple weeks after we found the desk, I found the perfect little 3$ chair at the restore.
It was perfectly ugly and small so it came home with me.

Yes, those are foam stickers someone stuck on there... ick.

I gave the chair a coat of black and then decided to go simple with the seat.
Remember the monogram wall in little man's room?
I stole the 'R' for a little bit and laid it on the duck cloth I had wrapped the seat in. 

I traced around it lightly in pencil...

and then handpainted the red onto it...

Little man loves his R's...

and after forever, I finally got the desk moved in after Christmas and it got a photo shoot.
Honestly, don't mind those BRIGHT green walls... they won't be there much longer.

Here's the little lovely...

I absolutely love it.
Now he has his own little art station just for him :)

I propped a metal R on top just for fun.

See the R stenciled on the top of the desk as well?
Same technique as the chair- I just drew around it in red paint pen.

I got a cheap eraser from Hobby Lobby and dressed it up with scrapbook paper and stickers.

All of his art supplies are stored in these two bins (I also added an organizer on the top to hold his markers and chalk).
I got these bins at Garden Ridge and added tags to them.
The tags were super easy and just add a little fun.
I printed out "Ryan's Art Supplies' in Word and then adhered it to red cardstock.
They're tied on with some twine.

He's got everything a little boy could need... pom poms, pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, markers, paper, coloring books...
He was SO excited because now he can make 'stuff' like mommy.

And the top is fun too :)

One of my favorite makeoevers. Ever.
Makes me happy every time I look at it.
I've added another little something above it that just adds to the cuteness factor.
Check in later... I'll show it to ya :)

One last time...

So what do you think?
Do your kiddos need a craft station too?


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  1. This is just adorable. I never can seem to look at something and see it potential. I love how you put the chalk board paint on the top. His little chair is just perfect.

  2. Very cute idea! I still have my desk like this from when I was a little girl - perfect way to update!

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  5. That is so cute! Fabulous makeover! Thanks for linking up!

  6. Awesome! I love the chalkboard top! And the R on the desk is a wonderful touch! I'm sure your son will love this for years to come!

  7. Oh my goodness! I LOVE this! My little boy would go crazy for his own desk! I love everything you've done with it... even down the adorable eraser! ;)

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