February 10, 2011

Coffee Filter Heart Wreath

Another snow day!

UCA closed today's school sometime yesterday so I have yet another lazy day.
Best part: hubby's work sent him home since he wasn't running emergencies today.
They don't want any hospital transports going out  :)

So I get to snuggle in with both my boys today!

So I decided I should really get all my valentine tutorials (the few I have) up before Valentines actually hits!
I worked super hard on my reading nook yesterday and cannot wait to show you guys!

But it needs a few more tweaks before it's big reveal.

Here's something me and little man did during part of our snow day yesterday,
because we decided my subway art wall needed some love...

I made a template for the wreath by cutting a heart shape from some thick posterboard...
Then I just bent that in half and cut the middle out

I used just basic brown coffee filters that came in a humongous pack.
These ones are actually still leftover from my

I love the vintage feel the brown gives it.

Little man handed me filters and I glued them down...
dont' want to burn those precious little fingers!
He's a great little encourager... saying 'you're almost done' every couple of minutes.

We just glued and glued all the way around.

Little man wanted to give the finished heart a hug.
Apparantly our kitty, Hobby, liked it too because he kept wanting to put his paws on it.
He's mad at me in this picture because I kept taking them off.

(and yes...his name is Hobby. But hubby named him! Not me. But little man does call him Hobby Wobby- haha!)

And for now, it's hanging between my subway art.
How is it that coffee filters can be so pretty?

Little man says he loves the 'coffee heart'.

And I love it so much that it might stay out a little past valentines :)

But that's okay right?
We all need some lovin' every day.

Are you ready for Valentines?
I have no idea what to get hubby... he says he doesn't need anything. Ugh.
Any ideas?

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  1. LOVE it! I enjoy the snow days turn into crafty days! :)
    Stay Warm!

  2. Love this.... I think it is the perfect "extra" that the space needed:-) I need you to be "snowed-in" at my house:-)

  3. Looks fabulous! I love coffee filter wreaths! And that's perfect for v-day. Thanks for linking up!

  4. I loved the 1 snow day we got... it is so much fun to stay at home with my hubby and cuddle all day.

    And I love the wreath! It's so pretty.


    {Check out a Giveaway at my blog,}

  5. Your heart wreath is wonderful! I just made my first coffee filter wreath a couple weeks ago (also when the snowstorm shut down the university where I work) and already have ideas for a 2nd and maybe 3rd. Aren't they great?!

  6. This is too cute! I'll be making this too!


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