February 23, 2011

'Nook' Part 2: Vintage Chair Transformation

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Are you as excited as I am to see part two of the nook process?

In case you missed Part 1, go here to see the Quatrefoil Table.
And don't forget to stop by on Friday for the Final Reveal!

But without any further ado,

Vintage Chair Transformation!

Well, I call it vintage anyways.
Because it's so beautifully chunky and very well-loved...

I scored this lovely for a whopping 22.00 at the Restore.
It was half off furniture day and I was EXCITED.

It's VERY sturdy and in great shape minus some scratches.
Nothing some paint can't fix.
The upholstery wasn't just wasn't me.
Plus- it came with the awesome little ottoman.

So pretty miss thing came home with me!

I love her chunky arms- made to be the perfect reading chair!

Here's the cute ottoman...
and by the way, these pieces are heavvy.
I wasn't joking when I said they were sturdy.
Hubby calls her the 'viking chair'.
Not very lady-like.

She was another one of my big snow-day projects.
Honestly, I was way stir-crazy.

I stipped it down...the cushions just come off but it had a bottom piece that screwed into the chair.
And the ottoman piece just screwed right off as well.

I gave her a good coat of my favorite American Accent Espresso brown.
It goes on so silky.
Lovvvve it.

And, yup, painting in the kitchen again.
Somehow I managed not to get paint anywhere else but the chair.
Completely miraculous :)

While she dried, I reupholstered the bottom seat.
Just as easy as doing my simple dining room chair.

I got the fabric at JoAnns.
I love the simplicity of the brown and white.

Here she is with the seat screwed in after she had dried...

(can you tell that I ran out of paint after a little bit? I didn't finish painting those back slats...but you won't see them anyway, so, shhhh, don't tell!)

The ottoman got the same treatment...
just wrapped, stapled and screwed back into place.

This thing is cushy- another thing I just adore!

Now the horribly embarrassing part comes in...

because, well, I really just can't sew.
Like hardly at all.
I've sewn a couple easy pillows...but my machine hates me.
I promise.

It tries to massacre anything I put near it.
So I got super lazy.
And glue.

Are you completely appalled?
Oh well...because it so worked.

And since it's not one of our main chairs, it should last awhile regardless.
It's just wrapped like a present.
Nice and tight.

Are you ready for little miss thing's reveal?
(imagine drumroll)


She's all painted up and cushioned up.
I plopped my H pillow on there for now but I'll make some just for her soon.

I love those arms, don't you?

Perfect to cuddle up next to with a good book.

Speaking of good books,
I, of course, had to let her pose with my favorite book.
It's 'East of Eden' by John Steinbeck in case you didn't know :)

In a classic, mint condition.
One of my favorite things on my bookshelves.

How I can't wait to curl up with some hot tea and my book :)

Want one more look at the transformation?

I love our little viking chair.

What do you think?
Perfect nook chair?

I can't wait to show you the final reveal!
But for now, I'm being forced to study for my research class.

See ya Friday!


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  1. So impressive! I love the fabric choice. And...I would totally use hot glue! Seriously, great idea!

  2. What a fabulous transformation! I've never transformed a piece of furniture like that but with the results that I'm seeing it's tempting! This is beautiful, great choice of fabric.

    Visiting from A Glimpse Inside.

  3. Okay you had me at hot glue!! I can totally NOT sew and have always joked if you could hot glue it I could do it..which meant I couldn't do upholstery..until now!!lol This is fab!! thanks for giving a no sew gal hope!!

  4. That look fabulous too! Love the fabric you used on it! Great redo! Thanks for linking this up as well.

  5. I love it! I saw your post at Dittle Dattle's Amaze Me Monday & am now your latest follower.

  6. Your chair and Pillow will go perfectly in Mel's Cabin...The initial is just right for us! lol
    I like the fabric you picked out. Thanks for sharing this. Visit Mel's Cabin the next time your blog hopping and you'll see, your chair will fit right in....

  7. Yikes-ola! Major it.

  8. That is very nice transformation, love it!

  9. I love this! You make it looks so easy. BTW I can't sew worth a darn either but I love my hot glue gun!
    Check out my blog- For the Love of Food

  10. Saw you on CSI. We had that chair when I was growing up. I wish I knew what happened to it. Yours looks fantastic!

  11. Great redo!! I love the fabric you used. Looks great!!!

  12. That is very nice transformation, love it.Luxury Beds and Mattresses


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