February 21, 2011

The 'Nook' Reveal Part 1: Qautrefoil Table

I have been dyyyying to get this post up.

Like, literally, dying.

But I really wanted to wait until I had all the pictures ready and then after editing a bunch of them I realized that I had WAY too many for just one post.

So welcome to the Reading Nook Reveal in
three parts!

Part 1: Quatrefoil Table
Part 2: Vintage Chair Transformation
Part 3: The Final Reveal!

I decided I would keep you from having to sit down for over an hour to read my whole post so I split it all up.

Plus, it makes it a whole lot more fun :)

So I will be posting a piece of the reveal today, Wednesday and Friday.

This is the area that is to become my fabulous 'nook' area
Keep in mind that this is when we FIRST moved in and I just threw stuff in this room.
Don't judge, kay?

Almost everything in this picture is pretty much gone..,except the book shelves, but it gives you an idea of the space.
That corner where the shelves and tv are is the destined area for the 'nook'.
Don't look at it anymore!
Just move away from the awful-ness :)

So...Are you ready?
Because I'm way excited to show you this cute table transformation.

Almost exactly a year ago, I posted about this cute little end table I picked up at a church garage sale we went to.

I transformed it last year from it's dated oak to this beautiful blue using my favorite Valspar Mediterrean Blue.
(This is also the project where I fell in love with Valspar spraypaint!)

And it was left like this...

Now I love this little blue table.
I don't know what it is...but something about it just makes me happy.

So when I went to transform my 'nook' space, I knew that this was not a piece I wanted to get rid of...

But for the past year it's been the grand resting place of this beauty...

And I say 'beauty' as a very loose term.
This tv is just as heavy as it is ugly and would you believe that it's been used about twice in the past two years of living with us?

It needed to go.
Plus...look how it scarred my pretty table...

Never fear.
During my crazy winter snow days... I got incredibly stir crazy and decided I had absolutely had ENOUGH of not being able to use my garage to spray paint...
so I used my kitchen.

But I did lay stuff down first, don't get crazy.

I gave it a good touch-up with some left-over meditterrean blue.

And went to work on my grand idea.
I've been dying to use this stencil from Jen over at Tatertots and Jello so I printed it out on cardstock.
Then I used my exacto knife to cut the template out.
I also had my lovely Valspar paint samples I got a few weeks ago...
This one is called 'Mint spritzer'.

I placed the template on the top of the table and started from one of the sides and worked my way out from there.
I just used a foam brush that I lightly dipped into the paint then dabbed on.

Here it is drying while me and hubby were watching 24...

After it had dried overnight, I lightly sanded it to give it a more distressed effect.
I didn't like the starkness of the white against the blue.
So distressing it toned it down perfectly :)

The last time I redid this table, I glazed it with brown glaze.
But it didn't pop as much as I would have liked.
So this time I went over it with my trusty black glaze.

Worked like a charm, it did.

I'm in love with it now.
I loved it before but now it's just perfect :)

And I still love the aged bronze handles so I didn't even touch 'em.

I'm thinking this table has a whole better life ahead of it now, huh?
Especially without that horrible clunky tv on top of it.

Here's one more before and after picture.
The before picture is the one from the very beginning of the whole process.

I adore my little blue quatrefoil table.
What do you think?

Will it enjoy being a reading nook table a ton more than bearing the weight of that tv?

I can't wait to show you the rest of the reveal!

Don't forget to check back in on Wednesday to see Part 2:
The Vintage Chair Transformation!


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  1. you really grabbed me with the quatrefoil top! love it!

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  19. wonderful colour you used. I mhave to say that it made me feel happy looking at it as well. I love how cute and detailed the table is!! Nice job!


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