February 03, 2011

Valentine Plate Wreath

Today just has not been a good day.
One of those...

I should have known something was up when I went to pour apple juice for little man and the whole bottle slipped and fell all over the floor.
Ugh. Can you say sticky?

And it just spiraled off from there.
Thank goodness that OT school counts this as our friday...
I just need to get a million things done.

Forgive me for being such a blog slacker... I really hate that I haven't posted in so long.
Remember my little sneak peek I gave you the other day?

I thought I might actually reveal the project today :)

I've been wanting something valentine-y for my garage entry door....

so I gathered a few supplies
The heart and plate were from the Target dollar spot (love!)

The first thing I did was give the berry heart a light dusting of my Valspar antique white crackling spraypaint.
I love how it allowed the red and pink to still show through- it just uncheesified it a bit :)

See those pretty crackles?

The next part is easy easy.
I just hotglued that little sucker to the middle of the plate, got some fun ribbons to hang it with and there ya have it...

A very valentine-y wreath.
I love that it's subway art- a major plus.

Wanna know a secret?
Right after I finished taking these pictures, it fell.

Told you I was having one of those days.
It's fine now.
Nothing a little (more) hot glue can't fix.
But still.

Maybe it was just trying to come inside.
Arkansas decided to be cold tonight.

So what do you think?
A nice smattering of valentine decor?

I promise I have more fun stuff to show you... as soon as I get a certian case study written...

Stay warm :)


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  1. Great idea! I hope your day gets better!

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  3. I hate typos... had to try again!

    Visiting from Catch a Glimpse... I want a decoration FOR my front door... this would work great!!

  4. Such a cute project, that crackle paint is really neat!


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