March 23, 2011

Spring Mantle Part 2: Updating Tired Frames

Are you guys ready for part two of this whole deal?

I'm ready to just show you the whole thing...but I'm gonna stick it out.
It's more fun to leave you hanging. :)

Little man has been sick running fever since Saturday so we've been stuck inside trying to get things done.
Which meant that...sigh...I started painting the laundryroom.

It's in that 'I don't know if this will ever turn out good' stage.
Tell me it'll be beautiful.
Because I"m doubting myself at the current moment...

We're focusing on this again today...

My poor, sad, neglected after-christmas mantle.

I showed you guys on Monday my stamped monogram project....

and today I wanted to show you what I did with this sad bunch of guys...

I adored that oval frame when I saw it at Goodwill and got it for a whopping .50.
I also got the square mirror at Goodwill for hardly anything.
The ugly maroon frame I had in my stash for some reason.

The first order of business was to give them a good coat of paint.
This was still during the 'too-cold-to-spraypaint' part of the year which is quite possibly the bane of my existence.
So I used acrylic paints.
I found my new love in 'Vintage White' by Americana.

The oval frame and mirror were painted in that and the small frame was in a chocolate brown I had.

I roughed up the edges of the mirror.
I love the dark wood showing underneath.

And then I took my Rub-n-Buff to my oval frame.
I didn't want to use glaze because it always seems to take the layers of acrylic paint off.
This worked beautifully though.
Look at those accents!

The last thing I did to the square mirror was to add a strip of fabric.
I actually just tore it off a remnant I had from my roadside chair project and then hotglued it around the frame.
A little rub-on bling was the perfect touch too.
Then, of course, I stuck a picture of little man in it. :)

Here's some before and afters of all the little projects I've shown you so far:
In the oval frame, I put one of my favorite wedding pictures that I printed in black and white.
The little brown frame got a graphic print that says "we might just be the luckiest people alive".

So there ya have it.
A few more mini makeovers that will add to the gigantic, fabulous mantle makeover.

What do you think?
It's so easy to turn ordnary pieces into something fun and vibrant.

What have you done lately?

One more piece of awesome news!
After the big mantle reveal on Friday, be prepared for a fantabulous giveaway!!

Can't wait to show you guys what I have to thank you for being the best followers ever!!!

See ya Friday.
(If the laundry room doesn't take me out first)


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  1. New visitor here... found you through TGC's Blog Hop tonight. :D LOVE what you did with those old frames and the monogram print. And the wall coloring is refreshing. :D

    My lil man has been sick this past weekend-week too. Hope your little guy is doing better now.


    (following now too- I can't wait to see more)

  2. Hi stopping by from Friday blog hop
    I love your idea


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