April 26, 2011

Pirate Party Day 2: Pirate Ship Wreaths

So Arkansas is in full-blown Tornado season at the moment.
It's been storming all week but last night got pretty sketchy.

We took Little man to Olive Garden for his birthday dinner and ended up having to stay in their walk-in freezer for a while to sit the tornados out.

And they are back tonight in full force.
They called last night a 'moderate' storm and tonight a 'severe'.
So send your prayers towards us tonight.
Especially those in Vilonia that were hit last night.

I'm getting a little nervous that little man's pirate party might be blown indoors due to rain.
But I'm trying to stay positive, all while making back-up plans in the back of my head.

So are you guys ready for day two?
If you have been following me for a while, you might remember the puppy party we threw for little man last year.
I made some dog collar wreaths and they've stuck around til this year in the party box.

I dug them out and gave them a little makeover:

There were incredibly easy since the wreaths were already covered in red burlap.
I just altered them from dog collars to pirate swag by gluing a pirate embellishment from Hobby Lobby onto it.
Easy peasy.

I love the red burlap.
Love love love.

Since we have two doors leading out to our patio, I made two wreaths last year.
So now there's double the pirate swag :)

I love that the burlap it looks extra rough and pirate-y.

These are super easy and would be fun for any party.
You could just mix up the burlap (or any type of fabric).
All I did was wrap wreath forms from the dollar store and added embellishments.
Then they hang by a piece of jute.

Hope you guys are enjoying pirate week so far-
later tonight I'll do a quick post on easy pirate treasure and a fun party game idea for the little buckaneers!

So keep checking back :)
(that is, if I don't get blown away by tornados)

**Go here to check out the whole party
and here for the free complete set of printables**


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  1. I love your re-use of the wreath. Your right the red burlap is perfect a bit tattered. Thanks for sharing!

  2. i like it very much and it,s a very nice side i also want to make it very beautiful.

  3. Cute! Now someone needs to say this, so I will.

    Arrrhh Matey!

  4. Another cute idea that I will be adopting. Thanks.


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