April 27, 2011

Pirate Party Day 3: Where to put all your booty and a free pirate printable!

That title is a mouthful, eh?

Remember yesterday when I showed you all the pirate treasure the mini mateys will be digging up in their make-shift beach?

Well I wanted to show you what I came up with for them to carry all their loot in.
These aren't their 'loot bags' for the end of the party...just some fun party favors for playing the 'game'.

I searched craft stores and the dollar stores for some kind of net to have them use, but came up empty handed.
I was about to give up and just give them boring sandwich bags when I suddenly had a lightbulb moment while walking down the dollar store aisles for the hundredth time.

And it happened when I saw these guys...
I was actually just staring randomly, frustrated that I wasn't finding what I was wanting...
and suddenly these guys had major potential.

Yes, they are plastic cups.
Yes...these have fantastic potential :)

That night (I was dying to see if they'd actually turn out the way I was picturing it)
I grabbed my supplies and went to work...

*printed pirate printables (read on to find out more)
*hole punch

I made these way cute stickers to put on the cups.
(yet another way to use Sprik Space's fantastic free pattern pieces)

And, of course, I'm giving you the file so you can use it for your own pirate-y adventures.
Go here to download and pretty please send pictures if you end up using them!!!

I printed them off of my Inkjet Sticker Project Paper that I got many moons ago...
It's great stuff and so easy to use.
You print on it just like you would regular printer paper, just set your settings to 'other special paper' when printing.
I printed mine nine to a page.
They were just the right size that way.

Here the cups are with step one completed:

Looking better already, huh?
And here's a peak at my special little helper, Hobby:

He seems to think the scissors would be fun to play with.
I keep trying to tell him...

Hubby (not Hobby) helped me with the rest...
basically we just punched holes on either side of the cup but this is harder than it seems.
The plastic did not like getting cut through, and we had some pretty strong little hole punchers.
But we made it through.
And then tied jute through the holes for a handle of sorts.

And then they were ready for their photo shoot...

I think they turned out way cute for plastic cups.

And they definitely made little man excited.

But who wouldn't be excited when there are buckets filled with treasure lying around?

I mean, I know it gets me excited.
Or maybe it's just the cute stickers and burlap.

Most likely :)

So there ya are, fun buckets to put all your pirate booty!
(and did I mention they were just two bucks for the lot of 'em?)

I'm so excited for the kids to get digging on saturday.
Although I still have a million more projects left to do.

I think I"ll be sad when I no longer have an excuse to make pirate-y stuff though.

So I have to milk it as long as I can, right?

**Go here to check out the whole party
and here for the free complete set of printables**



  1. I featured this on Sprik Space's FB page today... So cute! :)

  2. Love this...found you from Sprik Space.
    I happen to be planning a pirates & polka dots combo birthday. I may use these tags :)

  3. Great idea!! Pirate parties are always fun & adorable for the kids. My pirate gift tags would go perfect with this. Found you via Lizard N Ladybug.
    Melissa, Truly Chic Inspirations/Tag Me Chic


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