April 28, 2011

Pirate Party Day 4: Pirate Loot Bags (and 3 free printables!)

I am pretty much staying a couple hours ahead of each post.

I keep thinking I will have all this time (why do I think that??) to get all this stuff done...
and I really just don't :)

But I manage to get it done and then post about it a few hours later.

But today I had a research that's a good excuse right?

Hopefully there will be plenty to party with tomorrow- I have several things to show ya!

Today I went about putting together little pirate-y goodie bags and have some way fun printables to share with my favoritest followers (ummm....that would be you!)

I went easy and cheap for these little suckers but they are way cute so that isn't even a factor :)

These are the loot bag toppers I designed and printed out.
(scroll to bottom to download them for youself!)
I printed them on white cardstock and they are 5x7, which fit perfectly with any regular snack-size ziploc bags you get.

And you're other special ingredients....
*Snack-size baggies

Our little pirate friends are getting chocolate gold dubloons
(little man thinks it's way cool that I convinced Jake to give me some- haha!)
and a cute pirate eye patch I got from Target.

These are super easy.
Cut out the printable treat bag toppers and then fold them in half like so...
Then staple them along each end of the baggies to close :)

And you have loot bags worthy of any mini landlubber that comes your way :)

And another fun piece of eye candy is the 'Get Your Loot' sign I whipped up and framed.
It lets everyone know what they are there for and, most importantly, not to leave it behind!

(Another special thanks to Sprik Space for the fantastic pattern pieces that I've used as backgrounds for most of my prints!) :)

(and yes, you can download this too...head to the bottom!)

I'm in love with the black, red and blue colors.
Maybe because I don't get to use those combinations very often.
It's fun to branch out :)

And I'm kind of proud of my little sign
(and am in love with the cute little ship)

Alrighty, mateys.
The loot YOU were waiting for is here:

Black and White Loot Bag Topper:
(Click here to download)

Red and White Loot Bag Topper:
(Click here to download)

"Get Your Loot" Sign
I printed mine in an 8x10 and it turned out great!
(Click here to download)
Hope you like your loot!!

**Go here to check out the whole party
and here for the free complete set of printables**


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  1. These are way cute!!! We are having a super small pirate party in July. These will be perfect. Thanks. I am sure they will end up in some photos on my blog sometime in July. I will make sure to link back to you then.

  2. These are boys would love a pirate themed party...thank you for sharing that at my party, hope you come back!

    Simply Creations Link Party

  3. This is so cute. I am sure this piarate party bags will surely be a bomb especially to boys.

  4. Awesome! Thanks for doing all the legwork on these :) I think when my husband turns four (in seven months) I'll print these off and use them!

  5. Amazing ideas!! Love love love it!! How creative!!! Bravo!


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