April 29, 2011

Pirate Party Day 5: Pirate Birthday Banner

I'm writing this in between a cleaning overhaul of the house and organzing all the party stuff!

I can't believe the party is tomorrow....and the forecast is still showing rain.
Oh well.

I wanted to show you the fun birthday banner I made- it's my first one I attempted to make from scratch so be kind :)

I made these circle letters on Word and printed them out on white cardstock.

Then I cut my banner shapes out of the different papers I picked up.

The fun (and tedious) part was putting them all together.
I decided on three different designs and then just alternated them.

I loved all the colors together...

And I made a huge reminded my of my scrapbooking days :)

And then I had all the little lovelies lying around until I finally decided to string them all on jute.

They still looked a little bare so I tied pieces of burlap between each one.
This helped so they didn't slide back on each other too.

Wanna see the three designs closer?
For the first one, I cut out several different pieces of paper to fit onto the banner piece.
Then I hotglued a coffee filter ruffle behind the letter and glued that on.

For the second one, I cut a piece of dot paper to fit and then folded a coffee filter so that the ruffly part stuck out the top...then glued it down.

(I don't know why...but this one is my favorite!)

The third and final one was made with the pirate paper and a piece of black ric-rac glued to the top.

These were my favorite things to make...I think because it allowed me to scrapbook a little :)
(plus...I kinda love being messy sometimes)
They did take a bit though...mostly just coming up with the design.

I can't wait to show you the whole 'happy birthday' banner hanging at the party
(hopefully outside in gorgeous sunshine!)
and they will be hanging with these guys that look like a jumbled mess at the moment...

These were impossible to take pictures of without actually hanging them so I'll get pics at the party for you!
( filter garland...swoon)

I can't wait to show you a couple more pirate ideas... keep hanging out :)

( may have to do with cupcakes)

See you soon!

**Go here to check out the whole party
and here for the free complete set of printables**


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  1. Love it!
    I was thinking about incorporating coffee filters too....perfect!!

  2. Hey, I gave you an award on my blog today cuz I think you rock and are freaking awesome, stop by to see it!


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