April 26, 2011

Pirate Treasure

I thought I'd share a quick glimpse into all the pirate loot I've picked up this past week.

One great idea I found was to fill a kiddie pool with sand and let the kiddos dig for treasure.
I'm super excited because little man loves to dig and...
I get to pick out all sorts of fun sparkly treasures for them to dig up!!

I have a way cute printable and treasure bucket idea coming up but you'll have to wait til tomorrow for that :)

For's a glimpse at all the treasure they'll be searching for...

Shells, gold dubloons, sparkly rings and necklaces...

Colored gems...

and foam sea animals.
Plus some fun shovels to dig for their loot!

**Go here to check out the whole party
and here for the free complete set of printables**



  1. What a fun idea about digging for treasure. Thanks for sharing some of your plans. Makes me excited to plan G's birthdays in the future.

  2. Such a great idea!! I can totally see this being the hit of the party! Thanks for sharing :)

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