April 04, 2011

"Places" Distressed Signs

I promise I have a ton of fun spring tutorials coming up
(hopefully this week)

But the beginning of this week is filled with a research paper, studying for my pediatrics exam and several other projects I have floating around.

In other words, all the yuck stuff of school.

So until I get time to breathe and sort through pictures and all that fun stuff...
I wanted to show you my second set of "places" signs I did recently.

Remember my California signs I did way back when? 

Well I participated in Mine for the Making's fabulous twelve days of holiday giveaways back during Christmas time.
And gave away a customized set of those that I called my favorite "places" signs.
And I thought they turned out just gorgeous :)

So let's see what you think!
(get ready for some picture overload...I loved the colors just a little bit!)

The winner (Holly over at 504 Main) chose the color scheme and places, of course :)
And I adored the colors she chose.

They all got a good round of distressing so that their base colors shined through...

I thought the yellow and black 'Los Angeles' one would be my favorite...

But I think I fell more in love with the black and white "pacific grove' one
(don't tell the other two, though!)

So there ya have it...round two of the "places" boards.
I'm hoping to get an etsy shop up and running this summer
(I know, big dreamer, huh?)
and perhaps these customized signs might make it in there :)

I love love making these signs... they're fun to do and have amazing results
(at least...I think they do anyways)

Tell me, Tell me...
What would be your three favorite places if you had to choose?

I hope you guys have an amazing Monday!!


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  1. Love those signs & the favorite places idea! My 3 would be Myrtle Beach, Key West and NYC - and I don't get to visit nearly enough! Thanks for the great inspiration :)

  2. You are a great artist. Very inspiring. I think I would choose: Maui, Whistler, & Lake Chelan. Thanks for the post.

  3. Love the distressing, the black and white one is so great! Thanks so much to linking up to Beyond The Picket Fence.


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