April 13, 2011

Sunshine-y & Quick Makeover

Remember how I teased you on facebook about possibly doing a laundry room/closet makeover during my spring break?
Well...I ended up following through with it.
I just haven't got my butt in gear enough to show you the grand reveal (and it's a pretty grand one!)
So here's a little sneak of what's on the inside.
A very small peak that really won't tell you a whole lot but still :)
It's something, right?
I found this little cutie at Goodwill a while ago and fell in love with the cute rounded bowls and small spoons.
I am so inspired by Kristi and The Speckled Dog and all the gorgeous-ness she whips out.
So this is my shout-out to her :)
I totally thought of her while painting this piece in a sunshine-y yellow.

I gave it a good distressing too.
Nothing but the best, of course.

Sorry this doesn't tell you a bit about my laundry room.
(no...the green chippy table is most defintely not inside my laundry room, just sayin')
But I love these little bowls.
So I just had to share.

I'm always amazed at what a little paint can do.
I'm hanging onto the spoons- I know they'll come in handy eventually.
Have you found any fun finds lately?

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  1. oh i love. great transformation!! i need to get to doing some diy projects this weekend. :)

  2. You crack me up! I was honored to recieve and now I am honored to give:)... and I'm your newest follower.
    P.S. You are definitly more qualified than I to be giving awards, but I'm just following the rules and I LOVE your blog:)


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