May 04, 2011

Easy Mothers Day (or whenever) Gift

Finals have hit.
I have a big presentation and two finals tomorrow.

I keep telling myself that this semester will be OVER tomorrow...
but it's not helping my motivation get any better.

I'm short on time this week (and brain-power evidently)
but wanted to give you a quick Mother's Day idea that is super easy and super personalizable :)

I actually made this for hubby's mimi back at Christmas-time.
The nice thing is that it makes a great gift any time of the year.
(and I'm pretty sure that only us women would appreciate it)

I saw an idea similar to this somewhere and tweaked it to span more than just one holiday...
and thus it became "The Holiday Book".

It started out as a blank artist sketchbook I picked up at Hobby Lobby...

It had the perfect type of pages to fill with all kinds of memories!

And it just got a little dressed up on the front :)
I used scrapbook papers with Mod Podge and some pretty black and orange-y red ribbons.
The letters were actually printed onto the paper.
I just designed it in Microsoft Word.

The little quote is just one I had lying around and got attached to the front as well.

I really didn't want it to just be a Christmas book or just Easter or anything like that.
Hubby's mimi is the type that has gatherings at her house all year round.
I wanted her to be able to put anything and everything in here so that she (and we) could always remember the people and events.
Basically, they can put a picture in for each event and either write about it themselves or have everyone write a little note while they are there.
Like a glorified guestbook!

I attached a note on the first page inside the book explaining what the book was and how much we loved her!
I think she loved it and I hope it serves a good purpose :)

Go and tell your mommas how much you love them this week!
(and wish me luck on my crazy finals day tomorrow)


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  1. That's a really fun idea. We have a guest book for overnight guests but I might have to start something like that at our house.

    Visiting from The CSI Project.

  2. Great way to keep memories and special days all together. That will be cherished in the future.
    Good luck with exams! (Visiting for the first time from CSI Project)

  3. I LOVE this idea. I never thought of personalizing my own scrapbook covers with Modge Podge. Thanks for the inspiration. Good luck with finals. :-)

    I'm visiting from CSI too.


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