May 17, 2011

Faux Tiled Tray

Yes. It's a tray.
With Wooden Circles.

Aren't you super excited?

I've been wanting a cute tray forever but did you know it's hard to find a good wooden tray that doesn't cost a million dollars?
Well, okay, not a million dollars.
But close, guys.

I ended up grabbing an unfinished tray at Hobby Lobby and some wooden alphabet circles caught my eye.
The idea I had in my head was to make it look tiled somehow.
So I grabbed the tray and several bags of the letters and came home to play around.
I came up with this:

If I ever do another tray, I think I might go with a colored tray and the alphabet tiles.
Kinda cute maybe.
But not now :)

I first slapped some stain on the tray (literally)
and then I sprayed the tray down in a yummy summer yellow.
I distresed it some to bring out the dark stain and then put a coat of laquer on it to make it nice and smooth :)

The circles got a thick coat of espresso brown.

And then came the tedious part...
gluing them down into rows.
Me and the hot glue gun got serious bonding time.

And then there were rows...
I had to cut some of the circles with my emergency shears to help them fit.

And here she is looking all summery!

I love love the texture the circles give the tray...just like the tiled effect I had in my head.

Although my camera didn't like trying to capture the deliciousness of the choclately brown against the just pretend this is ten times prettier than what it looks here :)

Have I told you how much I love distressed wood?

I'm kinda obsessed with yellow at the moment
(and for good'll see soon enough!)

And now to see it for it's intended purpose...
to hold all those fabulous DIY magazines that I drool over :)

What do you think?
Do the circles do it for ya?


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  1. Love it Kelsey! It looks awesome. Very clever way to make a tiled tray.

  2. Super cute! I love the things you have in it too- especially the polka-dot plate! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Adorable tray I seen one done with old leather belts wish I would have wrote down the blog. So I am on a mission to hopefully get one made this weekend!!!

  4. I love it! I want to make one keeping the alphabet tiles as letters and using primary colors around the tray--but I'm a teacher, so that's just me. :)

  5. Oh, that looks great! I love the yellow and chocolate as well, it all turned out wonderful!


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