May 31, 2011

Making Jenga Blocks into a Drool Worthy Baby Gift

Before I get into the drool-inducing parts of the post, I just wanted to say thanks for all your patience!
I hate feeling like I was neglecting my fab blog friends, but the house this past week has been crazy overwhelming.
I can finally breathe at the moment because the flooring guys came in today and laid the wood floors in the hallway that was formerly gross concrete.
They are my best friends today :)

I don't feel as if the house is nearly as icky now!

Now all that's left on the agenda is new carpet in the two bedrooms that got the most water damage,
new baseboards in the ENTIRE house,
and flooring down in the craft room (so I don't destroy any more carpet with my projects)
and of course the quarter-round everywhere the floor is.

So...while I'm gazing down the hallway at our pretty new wood,
do you want to see how you can make jenga blocks into something drool-worthy?
Here goes nothing...(or everything, really.)

In a fun twist of events, during my first round of OT clinicals at the VA hospital, my clinical instructor and me hit it off :)
We ended up talking about my blog and she said she would be after me later to make something for her twins nursery.
And lucky for me, she did!
She wanted something with a cross, brown and cream and with a specific verse.

So with those paremeters in mind, I scoured my stash for ideas of what to do.
I came across this gorgeous vintage sheet with a cream and beige flourish pattern on it and knew it would be perfect as a backdrop.
I also had a pretty 16x20 chunky frame that just need a good coat of paint.
And, yes the torn duck cardboard was from that frame.

After covering the backing with the sheet,
I thought forever on how to do the cross.
Somehow, completely by chance, these jenga blocks kept coming back to me.
(I'm actually kind of lying, considering these are some 'knock down towers' blocks...but it's all Jenga to me)
Who knew Jenga blocks could be so much more?

I painted half of them heirloom white and half in an espresso brown.

They got distressed a bit,
and then I played with them until I liked the layout and pattern of color.
I glued these right onto the glass.

The verse she chose was printed on brown vinyl and stuck to the glass under the cross.
Easy peasy.

So do these jenga blocks make you want to build a tower and knock it down?

Ok, so maybe they still do.
But they are a whole heck of a lot prettier.
And what better thing to put in a nursery than wall art made from a toy?

I'm in love with the brown and white pattern just a little bit.

And the dimension that the cross gives is amazing...
but it looks a billion times better in person so I guess you'll have to trust me on that :)

The printed fabric adds that perfect 'something' to it...
without completely overpowering it.
Nice and subtle.

What do you think?
Drool- worthy enough?

I was almost sad to give it up...
but I know it's going to a good home!

And now I have all those leftover Jenga blocks to mess with...


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  1. ok so I have an idea of what to do with those extra blocks..... make one for you sister:-) blue and red please so I can hang it in my room:-) oh and and I need to order one for Krista...

  2. and another one for Kristen... thanks!!!;-)

  3. Very nice! I never would have thought of using Jenga blocks like that.

  4. That is great! I'm also doing a Jenga block project, but it isn't nearly as cute as yours. :)

  5. Hi Kelsey!

    Stopping by for the first time and have to say that this project is really awesome! So creative and so very special! :)

    Kindly, Lorraine


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