May 01, 2011

Partying it up like a Pirate!

Well, guys, we made it.
The decorations were hung.
The cupcakes were eaten.
And the little mateys partied it up!

It DID end up raining which was a bummer but we ended up making it work.
It was barely sprinkling when we started setting up so I decided not to chance it.

So my big outdoor vision was changed to fit inside the house
and on the back patio under a pavilion we borrowed.

The kiddos had fun but I am exhausted :)

Want to see how it went down?

Here's the overall snapshot of the party:

We made a red wooden 'x' to mark the spot coming into the driveway.
(dont' judge the trash bags...all of our crazy storms meant TONS of yardwork)

The goodie table was stationed in the dining room....
with yummy pirate snacks of goldfish, pretzel sticks and swedish fish.

I just laid down some red tablecloth material and put some argyle tissue paper down over that.
Nice and pirate-y!

Little man's birthday banner I made hung over the back window behind the table.

and the pirate loot bags parked themselves on a small table beside all the food.
I love the little crate- it was picked up a while ago at a flea market :)

I made tissue paper pom poms that hung over the table.
These ones we cut to have jagged edges :)

The cupcake tiers were so fun and easy to make.
I am obsessed with enamel paint at the moment.
I'm sure a tutorial will be coming soon with this fun stuff!

The cupcakes were yummmmy and I promise to upload the printables for the toppers soon :)

How cute is this little pirate face?
With a four of course.

Here is the coffee filter garland I talked about.
I had big plans for these guys outside but they still made a debut inside...
just much harder to take pictures.
But everyone loved them and they were so so easy to make
(and did I mention dirt cheap??)

Once people started arriving, the red 'x' was moved on top of the treasure pit.
We filled our small pool with burlap and dumped bags of sand in it.
Then all that fun treasure I showed you was thrown in.

(I can't take all the credit for this idea...check out this fabulous party that inpsired the treasure dig!)

It was the hit of the party!
I had to drag the kids away to do cake and presents :)

I should have video-taped them while they were digging- I loved all their sounds of surpise when they unearthed another piece of treasure!!!

Want to see the cutest birthday present ever?
Yes...sweet Bentley, the pirate dog!

We had two tired pups at the end of the day!
I'm sure you'll be seeing more of Bentley...he's the sweetest thing ever.
Little man is obsessed with him :)
He's a mini Australian Shepard by the way- ca-ute!!!

There ya have it...
partying like a swash-buckling pirate!

ARGH mateys, I hope you enjoyed your pirate tour.
And that it gives you tons of inpsiration for any pirate shin-dig you plan on doing :)


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  1. So cute and I bet he had a blast!!!

  2. The party looks awesome! I love all the details! An the cake is just adorable!!

  3. From one pirate mom to another I love this. You did a great job with everything! Thanks for the ideas.

  4. So Cute! I would love your frosting recipe! Thanks

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