May 10, 2011

Reviving the life of a Shelf (and my mommy rocks)

Hey my fab followers!!

Want to know the greatest thing about the semester being over and being out of school?
I completely lose track of what day it is.

Yup. That quick.

So I'm pretending this is my Monday (since I thought it was when I woke up anyway)
and that way the week won't go by so fast.
Because next monday my may intersession class starts.

So Happy Monday everyone :)

I have got a million things to show you guys but it's slow going getting everything organized the way I want.
I have a fab transformation that I'm going to be sharing with you soon...
and I decided to show you a quick but amazing transformation I did for today...

When hubby and I first got married, we got several pieces of furniture from our church rummage sale.
One being the fabulous Quatrefoil octagon table. (Well, it's fab now)

We also picked up these boring shelves:

We ended up with two of them and they sat in the house exactly like this for the past two years.
I finally got tired of them- they just looked old.
And I don't like the light colored wood anyhow :)

So I got out my favorite Mediterrean Blue Valspar Spraypaint (yay for spraypaint weather)
and I gave him a fabulous new look:

The blue is EXACTLY what he needed to shine in the room.
Otherwise, everything just kind of melted into that corner.

And you can see all my special treasures so much better...
See that polka dot plate down there?
It was one of my very first projects I did after starting this blog :)

And of course, there had to be an H and a fleur de lis showing up somewhere.

The trifle bowl was a wedding gift that I put a rub-on on and filled with beans and a pretty candle.
And I sat a couple of prints I love on the top.

I think the trick to these kinds of shelves is to be simple with what you put on it.
It's tempting to just fill it with a bunch of knick-knacks but can easily look cluttered.
So think simple and don't go with too many colors :)

These are my 'mommy rocks'.
Little man LOVES collecting rocks for me anywhere he goes...he brings them home from everywhere and says they are special rocks for mommy.
So I have several little collections of them but here I just put them in a simple hurricane glass.
I love my mommy rocks!
I'll be sad when he stops bringing them to me... but for now, I just treasure each one :)

Here is the before and after of the little beauty...

And all of this with less than a full can of spraypaint.
I was worried I'd have to leave the back of it natural- lol.
But it was the can that never ended :)

I'm still constantly amazed at the transforming power of spraypaint...
I think I may need to go paint something else.

Have you done any fun paint projects lately?
Do tell!

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  1. Kelsey! I love what you've done with your shelves - the color is cool and chic - great job! Glad you are doing well and hope you continue to enjoy your May. Thanks for all you share with us to inspire creativity!

  2. Love the color and the mommy rocks. So sweet.

  3. I used to have a shelf like that! Now you have made me regret selling it in a yardsale! LOL Did you know that it comes apart? It all unscrews apart. :) Well, mine did, anyways, but yours looks like the exact same kind. Very cool! And I love the mommy rocks, too. That is too sweet! ♥

  4. Great job! The color is so pretty and I love how you accessorized! The mommy rocks are adorable!

  5. What a great change and I love your accessories you picked!

  6. LOVE this. The accessories look great and I LOVE the mommy rocks!

  7. that piece is really snazzed up now! love it, and how sweet are your mommy rocks. that's great!

  8. That looks completely different! I love the color! I actually have the exact same shelf except it is round:) And I think my mom had one that is rectangular! Now it's time to spray paint!

  9. When I was a little girl in the 50's my mom had one of these in dark mahogany. She made crocheted dolls and that collection sat on the corner shelf. At 4 it was my job to remove the dolls and dust the shelf. I loved removing the dolls as that was the chance to check them out and touch them. I have no idea what happened to my shelf. It sat in our garage for years, and I know I've not seen it in at least 12 years. Wish I had it so I could paint it to match yours.


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