May 16, 2011

Thrifting Motherload

So I might not have hit the furniture motherload this past weekend...
but a spur-of-the-moment trip to Habitat paid off today big time!!

I ran by there after classes today just because I wanted to browse...
and I stumbled upon this cutie...

I looked all over this sucker looking for a green 'sold' sign but nada.
And when I saw his price tag was set at twenty bucks...I was sold.
So I snatched him up and trudged to the front desk to pay for him.

When I got home and showed it to hubby...he found out there were two more pieces in the set and wanted to go back and check them out.
I about died when he said that...I love when hubby gets excited about furniture too :)

So these two lovelies ended up coming home with us...
They were only 75 a piece (which was kind of a big deal to me)
but I know they were definitely worth the price.

These pieces are SOLID as all get out and in amazing condition. It's obvious they were painted before but ohmigosh...they are PERFECT to update a little more and resell.
And those cup handles? Ohemgee!
Im about giddy with excitement.
Hubby is trying to teach me to look beyond the initial price (if it's worth it for that piece) and think about what kind of profit can be made.
Good ole man sense I guess.

I guess we were feeling a bit lucky because we stopped by Goodwill too and found this little table in their clearance section for 12 dollars.
Sturdy with pretty wood details and great iron legs and sides :)

Add that to the one little table I got this weekend for two bucks and I've got a ton of projects to do...

Oh...and I got some cabinet doors as well today.
Well that's pretty much a staple when I go to Habitat.
I loved the shape of these.

And a peek at the treasures I found this weekend.
I didn't make out with furniture at the rummage sale (ugh, Mary!)
but I did have a good haul of other fun things to play with...

Including two mirrors, a ton of great wood frames, a fun metal frame, several worn books, three canvases, a way cool brass candlestick and a fun piece of glassware that I plan on messing with...

Umm and should I be embarrased that my garage is starting to look like a hoarders show?

Is it bad that I'm too excited about my finds to care?
Well I do plan on cleaning the garage this weekend...just so you know :)

Any fab finds you've found lately?



  1. You did luck up on the furniture! See? Mary can't get it all.
    And you garage is not starting to look like a Hoarder's episode. It's all nice and stacked neatly and you can still walk through. You've got a long way to go.

  2. The white set is TO DIE FOR!!! Gorgeous! Great finds Kelsey! You really did hit the mother load!

  3. I have decided that your goodwill is just better then mine. they almost never have decent furnture and when they do it is way to expensive for second hand furniture(imho) I get the best things off of CL and sometimes curbing. I love love love that white set though. I might have to head to my local habitat for humanity store.

  4. I cannot wait to post on my blog the ultimate 6 dollar project. I scored at a local junk store with a fab chair that was solid wood and as purty as she could be. Well, she had potential, so I took her home and the rest is... well, going to be blogged. I {heart} finding deals, and you hit the jackpot- lucky ducky!

  5. Lucky find my GW they would have been $300 a piece yah u can say I dont find much there in furniture!!!


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