May 14, 2011

Two-tone Desk Makeover

You want to know who my arch nemesis is?
Not sure of anything else about her, but her name is Mary and she totally took over at the church rummage sale this morning.

I've been super excited all week to go to our church's annual rummage sale because they usually have fabulous furniture.
(like the fabulous quatrefoil table)

Me and a friend got up at five-thirty to get there early...
only to find out that Mary got there a few minutes before us and snatched up ALL the furniture.
There was tons, guys.
Beautiful, fun pieces.
And as we walked around, they all had 'sold-mary' on them.

We ended up snagging one cute little table that she hadn't found potential in.
But still..thus my arch nemesis.
I might be bitter about it for a while.

We ended up going garage sale shopping and running to Goodwill after our dissapointing run and got a few other things but I still see all those pieces with sold stickers on them.
Oh well.

I worked on finishing this little guy the other day:

A friend of mine asked me to redo several pieces of furniture and this is one of them.
It belonged to her grandparents but was in pretty rough shape.
It was fun to work on a piece that had a lot of history behind it :)

It had several deep gauges in the top that got filled in and sanded down so they felt like new.

Then the base got painted a creamy white.
I started with 'almond' by Valspar but mixed it with some vintage white to tone down the beige color.
The result was a beautiful creamy white.

The next step was glazing it with Valspar's antiquing glaze.
It made a huge difference and gave it a pretty vintage look.

This is where I was a bad blogger and stopped taking pictures.
I ended up staining it with dark walnut on the top- it took several coats but ended with a beautiful, glossy finish.
I finished it off with Miniwax finishing wax.
This picture is from its owner because apparantly I lost my brain and forgot to take my own pictures.
So sorry about the rough quality- I think it's a phone picture.

You can still see the huge difference some paint and stain made.
(and just a little bit of determination)

I'm excited that it's in it's home again.

And of course since I found my arch nemesis today,
we had to finish the evening by watching Megamind.
(I'm not going to lie- I might have pretended that Titan was a certain rummage-sale furniture taker)
If you haven't seen that is hilarious.
Go. Rent it now. You won't regret it :)

I hope you have a fabulous weekend- I'm gearing up for my may intersession class to start up on Monday.
(and I can't wait to show you the rest of this set...oh yes, there is more)



  1. The desk looks great!! Glad you still scored some cool stuff.. it's hard to let that stuff go though!! I wish I would have bought this dresser I saw at a garage sale 2 weeks ago - I am still day dreaming about it lol:)

  2. Love the desk results!

    Oh, how I can relate to the Mary problem. These days I have a Cynthia problem. What makes it bad is we're friends. LOL Not best buds, but friends still. I'll pull up to a sale - any sale - way early and she's just ahead of me and has piles of stuff I want, leaving nothing of any interest behind. I can't seem to beat her.

  3. that looks awesome!! i love how it it kinda has a vintage feel to it!

  4. Man, Mary is so rude! I love the desk though!!

  5. Great job with this desk.. I like it very much.

  6. So cute! Love what you did with it!


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