June 13, 2011

The Great Stool Makeover

How was your weekend?
Me and hubby had a fantastic anniversary date out on a little cruise was SO fun.
Pictures soon!

We've also just been trying to bear the fabulous Arkansas heat- we're thinking that moving north sounds good today :)

So when we first moved into our house...
there were these stools.
They weren't terrible.
They WERE uncomfortable.
And they were really really blah...

We tried putting cushions on them.
But that made it worse.
The stools were too tall for the little breakfast bar and the cushions made it so only little man could really sit there comfortably.
Good theory though.

So one day when I finally got fed up with them,
hubby dragged them out and cut a good four inches off the bottom of those little stools.

And I glued some fun wood embellishments to the back.
I mean, they really needed some life to them :)

And they came back in covered in a satin espresso brown
and reupholstered.

I loved the brown.
I loved the embellishments on the back.
And I loved that we could actually sit in them without feeling like a giant sitting in a hobbit chair.

But I never really cared for the fabric I just slapped on them.
Thus no blog post :)

So after I got out of school this past semester,
the now-cuter stools were dragged out again.

I just touched up on their pretty espresso color and then took those seats off.
Bye bye fabric I never really liked

During the first round of makeover, I added a layer of foam under the fabric to make the seats feel better.
A world of difference, let me tell ya.
So much better than those hard wicker seats.

This time around I used a simple but hardy dropcloth material I got at JoAnns.
I adore this stuff.

Stapling into the wicker is just as easy as stapling to regular wood seats.
It worked like a charm.

And I liked the result MUCH better this time :)

But it needed a little more personality and since little man is constantly counting things,
I had to do numbers.

I printed them off the size I wanted and then cut them out via exacto knife.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!!
(sorry...had to)

I used the outer parts to make a stencil and just foam brushed the pretty aqua on.

I sanded the numbers down a little to make them feel a little worn...
and was way too excited to set them in place that I forgot to take pictures outside :)

I love them sooo so much better now :)
They fit the house perfectly.

And the canvas fabric cleans up great, in case you were wondering!

Not that I ever have to clean them, right?
I mean, I only live in a house with a four year old and a grown man.

Little man counts them all the time and likes to sit in a different one each time :)

I'm excited about having stools that fit us...and the house :)

One last look of the grand transformation:

What do you think?
Much better the second time around?

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  1. great makeover. I love the color you chose!! I am happy to be your newest follower. Please stop by for book club if you're interested--connie,

  2. They turned out great! Awesome job!

  3. Perfectly me!!! Well, perfectly you too, but I just love them! That color is fabulous!


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