June 08, 2011

Most Ginormous Canvas Chalkboard ever...

So it pretty much is.
Fairly ginormous.

My sister got this huge canvas print from a friend a while back and after hanging it for a while,
we decided it had seen better days.

It was starting to wear at all the corners so it came and sat it my garage for a while
(and may or may not have served as something to paint furniture on when I had to paint inside during the winter)

It's at least four feet tall but is fairly lightweight so it was a perfect canvas to start with
(I know, I know, bad pun)

My sister was really wanting a chalkboard so she could write daily verses on so we started by painting the majority of it in chalkboard paint.
It went on beautifully.

Then we cut squares of scrapbook paper in the colors that she loved and modpodged them on.
I think we ended up doing 6x6 squares all the way around the border.

We didn't have to mess with painting the sides because it had some sort of faux metal border that was a pretty bronze. So it stayed.

Once they were all on, we went over the whole surface of chalkboard with chalk to cure it.
Now it's perfectly ready to have some inpspiration written on it.

Or quite possibly a whole book :)

It's huge but serves the space she needed it for perfectly.
I love all the blues and reds.

So did I convince you that it's the most ginormous ever?

Ooh and I can't wait to show you the little makeover I did yesterday with a cute bench seat I found at Habitat.
Have I mentioned lately that I just adore summer?



  1. that is really cute+a really great idea+really ginormous! haha its awesome...thanks for sharing!!

  2. hiya x great project so simple but sooo useful now , dont know about where you are but these types of canvases were huge here for the last few years so will be keeping my eye out for them at carboot or roadside x tfs


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