June 17, 2011

Two two-toned Makeovers

Say that five times fast :)

I've been sweating it up in the garage for the past couple days working on some fun pieces.
And I have a fabulous Fourth project to show you... but I'm keeping that til Monday :)
Just cuz I love you so much!

A while back, a friend of mine gave me several pieces she wanted redone.
Two of them were some crazy chunky end tables that were dying for some love.

See what I mean?
They were dying for some new paint...

So I gave them a fresh new look with a creamy paint I made by mixing some white paint into Rustoleum's Almond paint.
It turned to a lovely cream.
Then they were glazed with my trusty antiquing glaze.

And here's the baby of the two:

and he got some new hardware too:

Doesn't he look a bajillion times better?

Now big guy was painted after she noticed a coffee table I had done recently that I had done two-toned.
She loved it and asked if her pieces could be done that way.

So big guy got that treatment.
Although some of the top laminate was peeling away revealing the MDF underneath.
MDF doesn't have a wood grain and hates taking the stain.
But I randomly put some stain conditioner on it and it worked like a charm.
You can hardly tell that there isn't a wood grain in some of the areas.

I adore the dark stain color.

and the drawers on these guys are too cute :)

one last look at big guy:

After she saw how great big guy looked, I stripped the little one's top too and stained it.
So now they're a happy, matching pair!


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  1. That big guy was certainly in a sorry state of affairs. It looks gorgeous now, especially with the stained top!

  2. I really love the antiqued look, and the hardware on the small one really makes it pop:)

  3. whoa. I am so a follower after this. Amazing!

  4. This turned out great! I'm your newest follower:) Thanks for visiting and commenting on my dining room table post. Come visit anytime ~ Rachel (

  5. Beautiful!!! I love the contrast of the dark stained top, with the creamy paint. Great job!

  6. oooo....this is one of my FAVORITE re-dos. LOVE the two tone. Great color, glazing and awesome technique on the top!

  7. Kelsey,

    Wow, these turned out great. Amazing job! Great color choice and thank you so much for using Rust-Oleum to transform your pieces.

    - Rust-Oleum Scott

  8. I love two toned! Those turned out great! I love dark stain, too =)

  9. I really love the effect you get with the antiquing glaze finish, is it translucent where it allows the cream color to show through or does it change the original color a bit? Would is be a similar finish to chalk paint? I've never done either, but wondering if you would save a step if you used chalk paint instead? Of course then you would need to wax the piece, correct?


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