June 02, 2011

Want in on my new obsession?

I'm kind of, maybe...
ok...really really...
obsessed with this thing called Pinterest.

Are you a pinterest-er?
(Want to be pinterest buddies? Follow my boards here)

It's this amazing site where you get a little button on your top toolbar that says 'pin it' and it allows you to grab a picture from any site and stores it for you in what they call 'boards.

It's basically your favorites folder on steroids.
Think favorites folder meets google images.
Best match ever.

It means you can keep track of things you love, in one place, divide them into categories if you want and have link-backs to all those fabulous places you got them from.

So if you're not pinterest-ing, check it out- you won't regret it.
If you need an invite, let me know- I think I can give out six.
Otherwise, you can just sign up to get one.
And it might keep you mesmerized for hours like me.

Or just distracted from studying for a final...
not at all like me :)

Check it out and go here  to follow me or click on my cute little pinterest button on my sidebar.
I'd love to pinterest along with you!!



  1. I love Pinterest as well...did a post on my newest favorites from there last week! My brother just got engaged & I sent an invite to my future sis-in-law to help her organize all her ideas for the wedding...wish they had this when I was getting married! I also wish I had time, money, resources, etc to do it all & buy it all! ha!

  2. Oh,how I ADORE my Pinterest. I even have the app for pinning on the go :)

    I'll go on and add you!!

  3. I love Pinterest! So very addicting.

  4. I, too, heart pinterest. And since i got the app on my obsession has gotten pretty bad ;) I will add you :)

  5. I'm following your boards! I am so ridiculously obsessed with Pinterest. Warning: I pin A LOT. A WHOLE LOT.

  6. I have been trying to get on pinterest for like a year now but can never get anyone to send me an invite. Would you please?

  7. I came here because I was curious about your chalkboard. I wanted to see what ginormous looked like. lol Anyways, when I saw the blog that said "want to know what my new obsession is?" I thought of mine and we have the same obsession. lol You can find my link at my blog.


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