July 26, 2011

Guest Blogger: The Creative Chickadee

Hi I am Kelly, The Creative Chickadee
So excited to be guest blogging over here at Tattered and Inked!!  Thanks Kelsey for having me and have fun on vacation. 

I am a Air Force wife and the mother of two ever growing boys.  My oldest is now taller than me.  WHAAA!!  One more very important thing about me...I. LOVE. CRAFTING!!  I enjoy using all types of mediums and find happiness in creating on a budget.  I originally found my groove because we were a broke Air Force family and I wanted to be able to decorate my home cheap.  I slowing started realizing that I could copy cat a lot of things for a lot less money than buying.  
My first project was making copy cat Pottery Barn jersey paintings for my boys' room.  I did not have the money to pay $40 a piece so I bought canvases on sale and started drawing a painting.
I have since recycled those canvases into these cuties

 That turned into card making, scrapbooking, home decor, furniture redos, etc.  I love working with my hands and altering things to make them more modern or bring them back to life.  I also love the thrill of coming up with a fresh idea.  Nothing beats a project that turns out the way you hoped it would.  I could go on and on, but let me get on with my latest project. I hope you enjoy it.
This too is a copy cat project.  I saw it somewhere out there in blog land and thought, I must do this.  Here is the final project.

I love this project for a few reasons.  It was FREE!!, I recycled what I already had, and it was quick.  I love a project I can knock out in a short amount of time.  Here is what ya need.

1.  Vases you have lying around the house
2.  Hot glue and gun
3.  Spray paint color of choice
4.  Your imagination

I started off with 3 vases I have had for who knows how long.  I loved the shapes and never wanted to part with them, but they were all different colors that did not go with my home decor so they have just been sitting taking up space.  Until now. :D

I then printed out a bird and taped it to the inside of the vase to trace.  I am horrible at free hand, and if you are to, don't be afraid to trace or print out images. I even printed out my words but it got to hard to be "perfect" with the glue so I free handed them.
Next step is to apply the hot glue.  The thing I love about using this medium is it comes right off if you mess up.  It took me about 3 tries on the bird before I was satisfied with it.  

Next comes the spray paint, mine bubbled a bit but not enough for me to toss the project.  It took several coats on the colored glass for me to get coverage.
There ya go.  I will show you where I put them for now.  I even made some origami flowers to go in one of the vases.  I will have that tutorial in a few weeks.

Entryway before...

 Entryway after.

 Close up on the flowers.  So cute right!!

Don't ever be afraid to alter something.  I think we get stuck in this box that things have to stay the same.  That is always my one piece of advice to people.  It is OK to alter.  Think outside the box!!

Here are pics of other projects I have tackled.  

Love to have you stop on by for a visit.  I love visitors and making new friends!!  Happy Crafting. Thanks again Kelsey!!


  1. Great projects, all! Wow!! Enjoyed meeting u today, Laurie from Scene of the Grime Blog

  2. Those vases turned out great! I have seen that technique, too, and wondered if it was very hard. Great job!

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