July 19, 2011

Spraypainted Glass Vases

Whew- this week seems to be flying by!
I guess that's what happens when you have a million things you need to do.

Preparing for heading to the beach is at the top of my list of things to do...
as well as groceries, keeping little man occupied and cleaning the house!
In other big news- the Tiffany Desk sold.

I'm actually kind of sad about that but it couldn't have gone to a more pefect person so I'm excited about that :)

A while back, I decided I just had to try my hand at spraypainting some glass.
I'd seen so many different bloggers doing it and thought it was just beautiful so I headed out to my favorite Goodwill and bought these guys:

It was some kind of blue tag sale so I could buy one and get one free so I got them all for under five bucks.
I loved the knobby one :)

I played around with them a little and ended up liking this arrangement- the big clear vase sits perfectly on top of the candlestick so I decided they were meant to be!!

I'm on a yellow and grey kick lately (wait til you see the almost finished craft room!)
so these colors jumped out to me immediately!

I was a bad DIY-er and didn't prime first was totally FINE.
No big ugly disasters here.

Just go slow and steady and do several light coats and you can go prime-less like me.
(or if you didn't just run completely out like me, you can go ahead and use it!)

The grey went on perfectly- I was a little more worried about using Krylon without primer because it tends to drip more for me.
But it went on beautifully.

And here are the little lovelies in their new, pretty colors:

I really am just head over heels for this little vase.
It's so dang cute.

This white one was surprisingly easy to cover-
I was a little worried since it had the weird hyroglyphics thing going on
but the spraypaint must have really loved me that day.

It's amazing to me how easy it is to make things 'go' together with a little spraypaint.

And the details were just hidden in the green glass- now it just pops right out :)

I orginally planned to put these lovelies in the new craft room but they ended up in a new home
after I decided to tackle another furniture redo.

This is the only peek I'm giving ya until later this week...

I can't wait to show you- it was a way fun piece to do!

Well, I'm off to finish my beach lists!
Have a fantastic Tuesday :)

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  1. Dear Spray Paint... you are the shiznit! Love DIY girls all over!

  2. Great Job! I have some vases that I want to paint but I have been so chicken to do it. I need to for sure do it now!

  3. This SERIOUSLY makes me want to go raid my grandparents house in FL. Awesome job! So fun! Can't wait to see your craft room!

  4. PJ said it best! I can't wait to do this to the trio of orange vases my MIL gave us!

  5. Must be Spray-Paint-It Day! (I just finished turning a wine bottle into a vase.) Your vases came out really cute--love the color combo!!

  6. These turned out great! Love yellow and gray and kinda want to go home and change up all my colors cuz of your project!!

  7. They look great. I might have to try that.

  8. What an impact a little paint gives!

  9. Gorgeous! I'm on a spray paint kick too. In fact, I have a spray paint linky party going on right now. I would love to have you link these beautiful vases.

  10. You did that little vase a favor because before you came into its life, it was *whispers*...ugly. Now it's fabulous; love them! Loving the yellow, gray, and white. Perfection!

  11. Thanks for sharing! I love ugly vases and spray paint. Come over and see what I did with some candlesticks.

  12. They look awesome! Can't wait to try it:)

  13. These look beautiful. I have a couple vases in storage I have been meaning to get out and paint. I would love for you to stop by on Monday to link up your vases and any other projects you would like to share.

  14. They look amazing!! The ugly green looks so good now!

  15. WOW they look amazing!!! i need to do this!
    xo dana

  16. I'm lovin' grey and yellow right now too. They look awesome. I spent my afternoon spray painting some frames but since I have to hit the thrift store for more, I'll be taking an extra peek at the glass there!

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  18. What a fun and cheap project! Love that hobnail vase. Can't wait to see the rest of the reveal!

  19. Looks awesome!Thanks for sharing! Ag

  20. Wow, what great pops of color! I need to get bold and just go for it! Love the paint and the vases, especially cause they're from Goodwill, my home away from home. This would be awesome over at my Club G.W with Charm Bracelet Diva party going on now! Hope to see you there!


  21. i SO need to do this, but i never remember when i'm out! i just look at plain or ugly vases or jars, and pass on by.

    love that with paint, they'll be perfect for whatever room you match them to.

  22. oooh, the colors are so pretty! good job they look great

  23. AWESOME! I am sharing this on my facebook page.

  24. I love these!! The grey knobby one is my favorite too. Spray paint is magical :)

  25. These are awesome! LOVE the gray vase. They look great. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Great job. love the yellow and gray combo. I love to spray paint vases.

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  28. Exactly what is that shade of yellow?( name of it)

  29. Exactly what is that shade of yellow?( name of it)


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