July 21, 2011

Yellow Harlequin Table

Remember when I showed you my little sneak peek of a new piece I did?
Well can you believe that glimpse was of this little table?

I know, right?
This thing was just downright ugly.
But I loved the details on it.
And it's such a cute size.
And bonus, because it was only eight dollars from Goodwill :)

I've had it for almost a year...
but it immediately got put to use in the garage holding spraypaint.
Not it's intended purpose but it worked.
And got grimier :/

Let me tell ya,
this thing did NOT want to get painted.
It's actually all laminate- and those doors were a pain!!

First I scrubbed the whole thing out...
then it got three good coats of an oops Sherwin Williams yellow I had.
If I had not run out of primer, this would have gone a lot easier.
But it still would have taken several coats.

I gave the inside a whitewash in some white oil-based paint.
Oil based paint may be a messy thing to paint with, but it sure sticks around.
It keeps scratches away like a boss!
Which is good inside a cabinet :)

Here's the little cutie after two coats:

I decided the top needed a little extra sumthin-sumthin so I sketched out a harlequin pattern.
Super easy!
Just fold a piece of paper in half and cut a triangle.
Unfold and you have a perfect diamond shape.
Use that to trace around so you get your pattern.
I just lightly traced with a pencil.

Then I went in with my antique white acrylic paint and a small slanted brush,
and filled it in.
It might have taken a little bit of time but it wasn't hard and it made such a big impact on this piece.

I took some antiquing glaze to the whole thing-
it made the crevices all pop out.
And let me tell you- in 100 degree weather, you need to brush on and wipe off one right after the other.
It dries like crazy.
Ugh Arkansas humid heat.

I love the pattern on top :)

Little man had to pose with it cuz he's such a ham right now!

I kept the amazing handles their orginal color- I loved the antique dark brass.
It went perfect with the piece.

Isn't she so much lovelier now?

These little pieces are just as big a feat as larger pieces right now in this heat.
Hubby set up a small fan for me in the garage and that keeps me from literally melting away.
Because apparantly I'm crazy and can't help myself from still painting when the sun is trying to destroy us :)

This picture gives you a better idea of it's size- it's a perfectly sized table to fit in those little nooks.

And I'm just so in love with yellow right now...this piece just makes me happy :)

Can you believe how much of a different a little bit of paint made?

And here it is in it's new home...
right behind hubby's recliner.
It's the perfect place to store extra decor items-
I think it's currently holding candles, extra frames and some of little man's toys.

I love it with the blue wall behind it...
and the vases were the perfect addition.
Which is why they settled here rather than the craft room.

What do you think?
Does it make you happy too?

On another note...
my little fur babies love sitting outside while I paint.
I don't know what they'll do next week when I'm gone.
They won't know what to do with themselves :)

(top to bottom: Ellie, Hobby & Ella)

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  1. Kelsey such a great redo! A friend of mine has been looking for a little table to stick in her entryway for a while now and this size would be perfect, now I've got to keep my eye open for one!

  2. Beautiful! I love the color! And I would never have thought to do that harlequin pattern on top, but its gorgeous!

  3. Love it so much! Great job as always ~ u hv a great eye for redos/upcycles! And ur kittycats r gorgeous :)

  4. WOW! That is just beautiful. Wish I had one in my house. Love the color choices.

  5. Fabulous! Especially against that blue wall! You're a brave girl for painting in this heat. I'm doing a whole lotta nothing today!

  6. Fabulous! I love the doors on it--and the pattern on top looks great too. Great job!

  7. What a great find for 8 bucks! Love the color and the pattern is fab! Great job!

  8. Very cool! I'm working on a dresser for the girls' room, and I'm thinking of doing something stenciled on top too!

  9. You are brave with color, I love it! I gota step out of my "paint it white mode."

  10. Fabulous redo!!I love the top!! You are brave to paint in this heat. I walk out to my car and I break out into a sweat! Great job!!

  11. amazing redo! Love the design and although I'm usually not a fan of yellow this piece really is fantastic, it makes me dig yellow! I'm now following you on FB! Love finding people with like-minded spirits! Come on over and see me on FB (The Decorative Paintbrush) Can't wait to see more of your designs :D

  12. Love the end result..I'm a diamond/harlequin girl myself and I saw Mary @The Decorative Paintbrush found you so I had to come look too!

  13. That is just enough harlequin design as to not be too busy. I really love it! Pinning this one to my Pinterest Board!

    Heather @ Fake-It Frugal

  14. I LOVE yellow too! Such a happy color! This looks great! Plus, props to you for getting it done despite the heat!

    I found you via TT&J Weekend Wrap Up. I'm the post two after yours. I'm your newest follower & would love if you followed me back!

    Happy vacay!


  15. Oh my goodness! This is fantastic! I love the distressing and the argyle! I LOVE it!!! great work :D

  16. Kelsey, I absolutely LOVE how this turned out!!

  17. awesome! I can't believe the transformation! The color is amazing! I am featuring you in the a.m on Spunky Junky!


  18. Holy cow! You bought that for 8 bucks!?!? Not toooo bad - especially when you flipped into something absolutely amazing! You have a great eye!! LOVE it!

  19. What a great makeover! The yellow is delightful, the harlequin pattern fun, and it's amazing in that spot against the blue wall.

  20. I love that harlequin top!! Nice transformation. :)

  21. This is one gorgeous and FUN transformation! Great job!

  22. What?! That's almost unreal! You've got a killer before and after there my friend! still loving the yellow! and then you nailed it with the painted vases and harlequin pattern. Anyone ever mentioned you're a smarty? Cuz you are!

    Featuring your awesomeness on WWWW today! Hugs!

  23. This is so cool! Stopping by to invite you to link up to Thrifty Thursdays. Blessings!



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