August 26, 2011

Black & White Distressed Dresser

Happy Friday, ya'll!!

I'm excited that the weekend is here- starting out with just two days of classes is nice.
Just enough to get your feet wet again without completely exhausting you.

Now if we can have a nice, dry weekend, I can get some painting done :)

Speaking of painting,
I've been wanting to share the full dresser makeover that I gave you a glimpse of on my FB page.

Remember my awesome dresser find at Habitat a while back?

And you can't forget it's brother...

And actually these guys have a little brother too...but you'll be seeing that later
(Hint...I'm totally keeping it!)

But the bigger two of the trio were meant to be sold.
I was so excited when we found these-
these are the kinds of treasures you rarely find at Habitat.
Usually they put pieces this nice on auction but I got there the day they came in and brought the littlest one home with me right away.

The two dressers were 75 a pop and I was a little too scared to buy them without hubby's approval.
Even though they were totally worth it.
Hubby completely agreed and thought I was crazy for not buying them on the spot.
So we trekked back there and snatched them up.

These were in perfect shape- drawers were amazing.
Hardware was updated.
But the paint job only looks good in theory.
It was way too slick and shiny- like trim paint.
And it was starting to yellow in places.
Plus there were some nice scratches on the top.

But with a little sanding and a LOT of beautiful black paint,
it was brought back to fabulous life :)

 I painted it 'Silhouette' by Martha Stewart.
This was the first time using her paint and I WILL be using it again.
Creamy and dries the most beautiful soft black.

I loved the idea of having the white coat underneath come through so I distressed it quite a bit using 80 grit sandpaper. 

I wish you could see this guy in person because the effect was beautiful.
The white cast almost a silvery hue on the black and was ah-mazing!!

I kept going back into the garage to look at it and picture it in our own house.
But hubby nixed that idea quick.
"We're supposed to sell it, we don't have any black furniture"
It would take a whole decorating overhaul to make it work.
But I might be okay with that in the future...

So onto Craigslist it went...
and it sold the next day.

I was beyond ecstastic when that happened.
Fastest turnaround ever.

Plus the new owners loved it so much that they want me to paint an armoire to match for their upcoming little boy's nursery.

Triple score!!

I can't wait to do the matching piece...
I was definitely sad to let this one go.

But every piece has a home :)

One last look...

Now to figure out what to do with it's brother...

Any ideas??

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  1. love love love it! I really like the white showing through, great job!

  2. Love what you did with that piece! And what a great're so right, it is rare to find those pieces at Habitat Restore...lucky you.

  3. Everyone loves a great turnaround but its bittersweet. I love the way the dresser turned out it's a nice shade of black.

  4. Great re-make. I love the black with the white peeping through.

  5. It must have been hard to let those pieces go - just a fabulous makeover!!
    Stop by to enter my Cereal Treat Bars GIVEAWAY!

  6. It's gorgeous! Congrats on selling it so fast too! :)

  7. Absolutely positively FABULOUS transformation! WOW!!!

  8. Wow!! you seriously did an amazing job!! This makes me want to rework one of my dressers!!

  9. Oh so nice...would have been skeptical w/ the white through the black but you hit it dead on. Love it!

  10. totally love it! And you are right about the white showing looks awesome!

  11. It's beautiful! I would be quite sad to let that go too.


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