August 12, 2011

I guess this could be considered my 'trashy' post.

Okay, so bad pun.
But seriously.

This is about trash.
Or, rather, what the trash goes in.

Oh whatever.
Now I just need to show you.

And I do know that not everything in a house needs to be messed with or 'modified' to look better,
no matter how much our DIY-ness tries to tell us otherwise.

But sometimes you just need to do something that you know will make you smile every time you see it.
Whether people think you're silly or not.
And this one might get me some silly points.
But whatevs.

I got so tired of our boring white trash can that is the first thing you see (or hit) on the way into the kitchen.
There's really no other place to put it.
So, it's there to stay.

Why not give it a little edge?

I guess it also shows you my kitchen in more real-life mode with the empty boxes and papers lying everywhere.
Hey, at least the sink is clean.

But, gasp, that boring white trashcan!!
It can't be the first thing into the kitchen and be so...normal. :)

I decided to try my hand at spraypainting vinyl (I mean, does it get any better than that??)
and cut my letters out with my cricut but left them with the negative portion still on.
It was easier to paint that way than individual letters.

I painted them in glossy black and let them dry for, oh two minutes while they dried.
One thing Arkansas heat is good for...drying time.

And, my little boring trash can suddenly had instant personality.
And, in case anyone was wondering where the trashcan is...
well, they really can't miss it now.
And if they do, we all get to give them pointed looks until they finally realize it's labeled all for them :)

I guess I could have gone more 'vintage' and found some fancy french or italian word for trash.
But, well, it's trash.

And painting that hunk of plastic would have been 'shoot-me' worthy.
So the vinyl is my best friend :)

 Granted, it's not something that will last forever.
But, who wants to keep a trashcan forever anyhow?

And for now, it makes me smile every time I walk into the room.
And that, my friends, is the fabulous bonus side of being a DIY-er.
You can do random things to every day items that just plain make you happy.
And, quite possibly, make your husband look at you funny.

While I was at it,
I spraypainted an 'R' red to go on little man's door.
He's way into R's lately.

And now you totally know which room is his.
Does this count as 'labeling'?
And if so, is labeling my son's room a bad thing??

Monograms are never a bad I guess that's my answer :)

(On a side note, this was the worst thing ever to get a picture of. A random door in a narrow hallway with no natural light? You're lucky I could even make my camera snap one of it)

So, spill.
What's the most random thing you've ever 'modified'?

Don't forget to check out the newest free printable I've put out!!
Hope you enjoy it :)

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  1. Awesome! I am totally with you on this one. It looks so cute and friendly now! (Can you have friendly trash?) And - hello - you can paint vinyl? I have never heard of anyone doing this. Just regular spray paint on regular vinyl? Seriously?

  2. Oh, PS - your cute kitchen towels totally caught my eye! Where did you find those? I think my kitchen wants some. ;)

  3. This is cute! I label so many things with vinyl....I may be labeling my trash very soon ;)

  4. I so wish I had a Cricut! I would use it for e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g!!!!

    I also LOVE your dish towels! :)

  5. Too funny! This reminded me of my Trash-Can War before we installed new cabinets in our kitchen. I didn't care about the details: all I wanted was new cabinets and a pull-out trashcan (you know that ones that "hide" behind a cabinet door?) That feature has made me love my kitchen even more, and it has also made me forget where we used to keep the old white Rubbermaid trashcan...

  6. LOVES what you did with you TRASH can! So much cuter and so is R's door! Also ♥ your newest printable - you are very talented with those. Great job, as always. Thanks for all the inspiration and have a super weekend!
    Love Laurie
    Scene of the Grime

  7. oh i love it! it is wonderful to make something so gross, so beautiful :)

  8. Just incase people dent know it was the trash...LOL! It does look very cute and tidy! Gives the trash can some life! :)

  9. never thought I'd call a trash can cute - but yours IS! I've labeled our boys room door with vinyl too! I love the idea of spray painting it the color you want / need! That's just genius! I know a girl that, as a joke for her husband, labeled their toilet - not me of course, my FRIEND! (wink) I

  10. Very pretty! I like it and I agree that it's awesome to turn something plain into something funny :)


  11. Genius!

    Stopping by from the 36th Avenue - I'm your newest follower.

  12. Makes a plastic trash can look cute!

  13. What a great way to dress up a regular old trash can! I love it!

    I'd love to have you share this at my first link party--

  14. Ha! I love it. Even trash can be beautiful. And, if you get bored with it, you can paint the trash can, peel off the vinyl for a whole new look! Thanks for sharing your fin ideas!


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