August 31, 2011

The Little Stenciled Table and the "Frosting" on Top

So guys.
I've had about all of vision impairments, cognition terms and attention, aphasia, agnosia...left lobe lesions...blah blah blah.... that I can possible take.

We were assigned over 300 pages to read in the past few days for an upcoming test on Thursday and my eyes hurt from reading it.
You know you need to take a break when you've read the same chapter twice and it's still all a blur.

So escaping to here is going to save my sanity, kay?

So how abouts I show you a cute little table instead of bore you with cognition terms?
Yes, much better.
Much, much better.

So... onto the goodies.

I picked up this year.
But I actually did this table last summer...
and promptly left the pictures in another folder where I forgot about them.

Go me.
But it's here now :)

It's a cute little thing that I picked up at Goodwill for 3 bucks.
It has wheels and was in good shape so it came home with me :)

I promptly removed the weird wooden handles and painted her down with some Heirloom White.

Much better already :)

I sat there for a bit trying to think of something epic to do on the top.
Because it definitely needed some epic-ness going on.

This project was being done right around the time I did my stenciled burlap pillow.
So I had the placemats handy.

I laid two of them side by side- see which one had already been used?
I love these things. 

I used Espresso Brown again which is in top three colors right next to Heirloom White...and um... I guess Mediterrean Blue (at the moment...although Squash Yellow is a close runner-up)

But I made a teeny mistake by thinking that overlapping the two placemats in the middle was a good idea.
I should have just cut them.
So the brown bled a little.

After a brief frustration moment, I went right into trying to fix it.
I sprayed the offending parts again with heirloom white...

And repsprayed the middle in the brown.
Easy fix- no tears needed :)

Idk why it looks so faded on the sides, it must be because the middle was still fresh.
It all looks purty once it's dried :)

I decided that it would look cute in the corner of my dining room...
this was how it looked for most of last summer...

And I was never totally in love with it.
But there were more pressing parts of the house to worry about.

Not to mention that this summer was the summer of renovations-
purty new wood floors and thick molding...
plus new less-yellow beige paint on the walls :)

So the corner needed some sprucing too.

Enter in it's need for new 'frosting'.
"How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" anyone?
I love that movie :)
Sorry, all you Mathew McCoughaney haters.
The love fern? Priceless :)

This frosting started with this sweet vintage frame I got from my grandma...

It was in rough shape but a couple of staples got it together again.
And a fresh coat of white paint :)

I played a little...and still came up short...

Ah. Much better.
This I liked. 

 I got this cute little bowl a few weeks ago.
I'll show you his transformation another day :)

I kept the white candle and blue plate.
The plate was painted and glazed a while ago but the candle got a cute rub-on to add sumthin' fun. 

These glasses were picked up at Goodwill a while ago and the little yellow one was actually my first piece of glass to paint.
Even before my painted vases :)
It got a little vinyl love too. 

I decided to keep the original wire on the frame and just clipped some of our beach pictures to it with some mini clips I had.
I clipped some vintage music sheets behind them to add a little vintage glam.

And the burlap underneath the candle got a little stamping love to add a little character :)

 So basically, my little table was 'frosted' in all my favorite things...

What do you think?
A happy ever after ending? 

I'm off to be buried in my textbook again,
leave me some love so I can escape into reading all of them later, kay?
Sounds like a plan :)

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. This is definitely a happy ever after moment! Love it! I think I need to hit some thrift stores this weekend in search of something like this!

    Dawn @Eventually Cottage

  2. Very cute & I love all the little details you put into decorating!

  3. I adore your style. Must stencil something ASAP.
    Also love your name. Lol
    <3 Kelsey

  4. Girl, this is an AWESOME re-do! Thanks for sharing, and good luck getting all that reading done...

  5. Why on earth do you think that table had handles? I love the stenciling. What a good idea! I love how you kept playing with it until you found something that satisfied you.

  6. What a huge difference that makes! I love the whole look of it--you've added some great pieces! And that picture frame re-do is awesome!

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  7. Now this is a cute project. I like I like:)

  8. Placemats!!?? SO clever! I was wondering where you found that big stencil -- great idea AND GREAT projects!

  9. I love every bit of this - the stenciling and the super-cute frame with your pics hung up and the flour de lis you had at some point... so cute! : )

    -Mel the Crafty Scientist

  10. DeeLIGHTfully done...don'tchajustLOVE stencils!? YUM!!

    Deborah (happily visiting from

  11. Cute! I love stencils. I've only tried them on little projects but would love to do something bigger.

  12. Lovely table! I just did some stenciling myself, and it was a bear! :) Great blog you've got here, and I'm a new follower!

  13. Lovely! what a great collection of treasures you've improved and accumulated! Love it.

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  15. I LOVE what you did... It looks great!
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    This week, "Night Stand Transoformed"

  16. love the table, the frame, the bowl, the burlap! What an adorable update! Thanks for linking up to WWWW!


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