August 10, 2011

My Little Telephone Table & Garage Activity Nook

I honestly cannot believe how quick the summer has gone by...
Little man starts preschool on Monday...

and we won't talk about when my classes start :)
(not monday!)

This little makeover has been done for quite a while and I figured I should probably show it to you before fall hits.
Because I don't think it would be as appropriate then.
Considering it's been our little summer activity hub...of sorts.

I found this little telephone table at Habitat for six bucks.
I loved it- it was little and cute and little man thought it was just for him.

It wasn't in the worst shape- I've definitely seen pieces a lot worse off.
But it was dusty and the seat had seen better days...

After staring at it a bit and trying to figure out the perfect place for it,
I tried it in a little corner of our garage where the amazing little yellow harlequin table used to occupy
(before it was amazing, of course)

And it was a perfect fit.

It got a couple coats of my favorite Pottery Barn Cream... 

And I had the perfect scrap of tablecloth leftover to use on the seat.
I love this red pattern.

You put it all together
and get a way cute, updated little phone table.
I dry-brushed some glaze in certian areas to give it a bit more texture.
This Arkansas heat doesn't bode well for glazing as you normally would- it doesn't wipe off.
So I've had to improvise. 

All though I was in love with the table,
I wasn't in love with the icky boring-ness of that corner in the garage.

Although I'm not super impressed by the garage as a whole.
I mean, who paints only half a garage?
That's on the fall 'to-do' list when it isn't a million degrees outside.

The corner already had my cabinet door chalkboard (one of my very first projects!!)
but it needed something more.
There was (sort of) a whole wall next to it- with a crazy metal pole running down it.
But, hey, it could work.

So I rumamged around for some things,
and came up with this little activity hub...

First off,
I added a tiny bit of storage to the bench by sliding a basket I painted black onto it's shelf.
For now, it holds some gardening tools that little man uses to dig in the dirt.
(maybe someday they'll be used for their intended purpose...maybe)

I got these cute little hooks from the Michaels Dollar Section a while ago.
They were perfect for holding onto little man's rake...
and will be great for holding umbrellas, coats, scarves, and the like.
I love these little letters :)

And remember the USA wreath?
It found it's home here.
I'll probably be changing it out with the seasons,
but it's also a great year-round wreath to have there too.

This little guy I found at a thrift store and was originally going to put it in my craft room.
But it was way too perfect here.
I just screwed it into the wall and filled it with fun summer toys.
Which, of course, means lots of bubbles!

This little corner has come in handy all summer,
helping to keep some of the summer chaos to a minimum.

Plus, it's the perfect place to rest after a hot afternoon
with a yummy popsicle or two.
(don't judge me for being a tad behind on updating that chalkboard)

One last look at my little phone table reveal...
From sad to summery happy :)

What do you think of my little activity nook?
Does it help spruce my grimy garage up a bit??

What were your favorite summer activities??
(I'm pretty sure I'm going to miss shaved ice more than anything...sad times)

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  1. Love this table and little nook! That fabric is to die for! :)

  2. Love it ALL! Wish we had a space in our garage to do this - ours is stuffed full to do anything nearly this cute! ;)

  3. Kelsey I just love it! Fantastic job, I need to learn how to recover chairs/benches because it really helps bring it all together.

  4. It's perfect! And I love the idea of an activity nook in the garage. Clever!

  5. Great Before and After! I'm a new follower :)

    Amanda @


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