August 16, 2011

Photo & Quotes Blocks

I can't believe how quiet it's been around here the past couple days.
Little man started preschool yesterday :)

And I'm soaking up all the quiet, relaxing time I have until my classes start next week.

Which means I get lots of crafting time!!
I cant' wait to show you pictures of my newest piece of furniture I finished up this morning.
(If you follow me on FB, you've already seen a glimpse!)

Well anywho.
You guys remember my little stool table that's made a bit of a splash in blogland this past week?
I got several sweet comments about the little family block I had on it...
and if I had ever done a tutorial on it.
It made me happy that you guys think enough of me to think I made that little block...
considering it's from Hobby Lobby.

But then my wheels started turning.
I COULD totally make that.
Well...a variation of it.
Cuz I really don't need two of 'em.

I had these two box blocks leftover from...something. I honestly don't remember.
And thought they were perfect to play with.
These blocks are from Hobby Lobby and are roughly 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches.
Perfect blank canvases.

First, I opened the little lovelies and gave them a quick coat of Mediterrean blue so there'd be a pop of color if you ever opened them.
It's easier to paint the inside first and then do your outside.

The outsides got painted a gloss black.
See the pretty blue peeking through??

Next is the super fun part of it all.
Go on Picnik, Photoshop...whatever...
and create some fun quotes.
I got to use some of my Pinterest quotes I've been hoarding :)

Then I went ahead and uploaded my pictures into Picnik and sized them to a square and made them black and white.
This is where you can be completely creative and make them your own!!
Print pictures, quotes, all or both.
These would be fun to do with color photos too.

I printed them out on regular photo paper and then plunked down in front of the TV to watch my last few episodes of Greek
This is a perfect 'watch tv and craft' type craft :)

Cut all your pictures to size (I cut mine just a tad smaller than the sides of the blocks because I wanted a black edge around it)

Then mod-podge those babies on!!
I laid all my photos out so that I knew exactly where each one would go on the blocks.
I did three pictures and three quotes per block.

Around the openings of the blocks, I found it easier to modpodge the pictures on and then use my exacto knife to slice off the tiny bits right on the seams.
But if you used a plain box that doesn't open, it would be even easier :)

Let them dry, then have fun stacking them any way your little heart desires!

I think these are so fun :)

And, yea, those Hobby Lobby cubes are cute but I love having ones with my guys on them!

Can't you see these being perfect gifts?
Wedding, Christmas, baby...
Seriously, these are amazingly versatile.

Here are the quotes I played with on Picnik,
Most of them are from Pinterest,
one is the Gilmore Girl theme song :)
and one I just put little man's nicknames on.

what do you think?
A fun Hobby Lobby knock off??
Now I can actually say that, yep, I made them!!

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  1. "He stole my heart so I stole his last name." That is such a cute quote.

  2. This is such a great idea. I really like the "he stole my heart" quote so lovely. It will be pinned to my pinterest board I feel.

  3. This is the most awesome craft I've seen today! Great job!

  4. The original 'family' block is cute but yours are WAY cuter!!!!!!! I love the pop of blue on the inside. Love the quotes and LOVE the pics. So personalized and awesome!!

  5. This is a pretty amazing project!! i am very impressed!! I am pinning it, and hope to get to creating it soon! thanks for the inspiration!!

  6. Those are so cute! Love your quotes too. I may have to use a couple around here. Thanks for sharing!

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  8. Love this! Totally going to do it sometime. Did you just use cardstock paper for the pictures and quotes?

  9. Adorable! So cute! Did you cut first, then mod podge? or get em on there and cut where the boxes opened?

  10. Great job! Going to have to do this. Have a great weekend.

  11. I love this. I am pinning this on my gift idea board :)
    Saw you on Whipperberry!

  12. love this!!! I want to make some for gifts for Christmas...what was the exact size for the pictures/quotes for the box?

  13. @Birdy- I just used regular photo paper but you could use cardstock for them as well- I wanted a more glossy look though!!

    @MrsWaller- I printed them as 4.5 x 4.5 pictures but ended up cutting them a little more for the box edges to show!!

  14. wow those are great! love your quotes too! came over from flamingtotoes...hope you will check out my entry too!

  15. Beautiful work! I adore the quotes!! You should look at They have more ideas I'm sure you would love. It is one of my favorite sites.

  16. Awesome idea, just ran across your blog on Dittle Dattle! I will be trying this project out!

  17. Love this... He stole my heart so I stole his last name....
    We would love for you join us for our second link party! *Crafty Lassie Tuesday*
    Heather & Rose

  18. These are so cute! I love all the quotes you used. I featured this today!

  19. Those are beautiful! I'm a new follower from Craftomaniac's blog hop. You can find me here:

    Also my husband's family owns Burger Rehabilitation. Check them out on Facebook:

    They are a great 32 year old company and maybe you can get your foot in the door for when you graduate. It's all about networking.

    Sorry so long!

  20. Totally LOVE these! This might just be on the Crafts To Make For Christmas list! and don't you know I've had my eye out for a stool so I can copy your table too! Thanks for linking up to WWWW! Hope I see you back again! Enjoy the quiet crafting time! I'm mega jealous!


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