September 19, 2011

Jenga Block Vintage Farm Sign

How was ya'lls weekend?
Mine was the usual- had a girls night Friday night when hubs and little man were out, hung with the fam on saturday...and sunday I played catch up on homework since I'm such a good little procrastinator :)

I also, maybe, might have messed around with my mantle some more.
On my FB, I told you guys that I got all my fall decor out last week and decorated.
I also got my mantle 'done' which doesn't mean much because I knew that the next few weeks would be spent tweaking it here and there.

Do you guys do that too?

I'm just proud that I got it done because I was having a hard time breaking down my spring mantle.
I loved it just a little :)

But it's time for something new and, of course, fall-ish!


And it's going to have to be the most epic mantle makeover for my little mantle everrrr.
Because he not only got a facelift as to what's on top of him, but also a facelife in general.
As in, a lot has changed :)

I'm so excited to show you but the grand reveal will have to wait til the end of the week...
but every good reveal needs a before pic so here's the spring mantle in all it's glory...

*Funny Fact: I hate that brass faceplate on the fireplace so much that when I did my post on my spring mantle, I never posted a full photo of the fireplace- it always got cut off right above that- lol*

So much has been done to make the fireplace look happier and brighter :)

But today I'm going to show you a little piece that went on the fall version of my mantle.
If you've followed me very long, you know I have a slight love affair with vintage signs.

So when I saw this mantle on Pinterest I was head over heels in love.
If you go to the original post, you will die over how beautiful all her fall decor is.

And I just adored her little farm sign.
She actually found that little beauty and since Arkansas has a serious shortage on cute vintage farm signs, I decided to make my own.

A friend of mine had brought a ton of beautiful wood from an old wooden fence over to make bookshelves and she gave me the scraps that were left over :)
(You know that's a sign of a life-long friend!)

So I had these gorgeous pieces of weathered wood:

It was already perfect for what I needed to recreate a hand-made sign :)
Love it when that happens.
I gave them a good sanding, but decided to leave them their original coloring.

The tops of the fence wood were cut at angles which made it even better.
I laid four of them next to each other and secured two pieces of 1x4s along the backs with nails.

Voila. I had the startings of a fun sign.

Now I had to figure out how to do the lettering...
and what lettering to do.

Me and hubby threw all kinds of ideas out- I knew I wanted it to be a farm sign so we were trying to come up with something clever.
Hubby ended up liking 'Clover Hill Farm' the best so we went with that :)

I adored the raised lettering in the inspiration sign and really wanted to recreate that.
But I wanted them to look rough-hewn and hand-made.
No chipboard or painted letters, please.

I love it when things just catch your eye that are perfect with a capital P!
I had another box of Jenga blocks from my Jenga Block Baby Gift and knew they'd make the perfect raised letters!!!

I quickly laid them out...

So perfect.
So excting.

They were exactly the look I was going for.
Although I had made the boards before making the words so they were a little big.

Nothing my miter saw couldn't take care of though.
Just go nice and slow cuz you certianly don't want a Jenga Block thrown violently at your head :)

Much better.
I gave them a quick coat of Espresso Brown and tried to patiently wait.

After my patience had worn thin, I grabbed my Crackle Spraypaint (which is also what I used on my crackle pumpkin!).
I love this stuff- I've never had luck with the bottle kind of crackle paint, but this stuff is amazing.
Pretty crackles every time!!

 Perfect, gorgeous crackles.

I used my nail gun to nail them onto my boards... and absolutely loved the result!

I love the hand-made look of it.
And I was so excited to achieve the raised letters :)

Aren't Jenga Blocks amazing??
Betcha never knew they could look so pretty!

And, of course, I had to set it up for a photo shoot :)

What do you think?
Do you need your own vintage farm sign too???

I'm in love with my new sign.
And it's not all faux- vintage...considering that the weathered wood is completely real :)

I'm so excited about showing you the rest of my mantle decor,
I hope you'll stop by every day this week to check in!!!

Tomorrow, I have an easy way to dress up your pumpkins,
and Wednesday is that other glitter project I've been telling you about!

Happy Monday, guys!!
(if there is such a thing...)

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  1. So.... i LOVE it.
    also, my fireplace had the nasty brass too. BUT, I bought the high heat paint... and painted that sucker all black.
    it. is. fab.
    just saying, another idea for ya ;)

  2. This is so clever! It came out great - love the crackle! :)

  3. Yes, that high temp spray paint works well to cover up metal around heat sources. We have a floor furnace that stuck out like asore thumb when we stained our floor and that took care of it. Love the sign, it came out great! I have a bottle of crackle that I've never used before. Might just go with the can!

  4. This looks great! I may just have leftover blocks to do it with...
    ~ Meredith From A Mother Seeking come find me on my blog, A Mother Seeking...

  5. this turned out really nice. great job!


  6. that's pretty stinkin' clever of you! Thanks for linking up to WWWW! Hope to see you again this week!

  7. So cute! I would love to feature this on Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle. Feel free to stop by and grab a featured button. Thanks!

  8. so neat! love the crackle paint look


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