October 18, 2011

4x4 Chunky Painted Pumpkins

So there about 2.34 million tutorials out there for wooden pumpkins.
And this one will be 2.34 million and one.

Because they're so dang easy and cute.
And these are super chunky :)

You gotta love some chunky little pumpkins.
And I'm definitely getting some use out of my random 4x4's I keep picking up off the side of the road.
I made a few quote blocks with some parts of a 4x4 last week.

Me and little man decided to start a craft project a couple weeks ago and of course, he wanted to make some pumpkins.
And 4x4's were perfect...and easily on hand.
I love the pretty weathered wood color.

I used my lovely miter saw (which little man calls Jaws) to chop it into staggering heights.

And used hubby's handy light-weight drill to drill some holes into the tops.

Little man got to pick the paint colors...
and knows his mommy loves her blue :)

And we got to work painting those pumpkins.

Here they are all painted and dressed up...

After they were painted, I gave them a good sanding.
Because wood with such pretty grain needs to stand out a little!

The twig stems were just hot-glued into their snug little holes.

I think the tall black one with it's burlap ribbon is my favorite.
But that was a totally easy guess.
because burlap is my love :)

So how 'bout it?
Was it worth it to add another wooden pumpkin tutorial to the world?

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  1. Kelsey- Those are adorable! I love the burlap one as well! Great idea:)

  2. Totally worth it! Super cute, I LOVE burlap too! :)

  3. Definitely worth it. I had never seen this before. Does that tell you how (un) crafty I must be? I am pinning this.

  4. I found your blog from Tickled Pink. I love this cute! I'm your newest follower. I hope you'll stop by my new blog & follow along too!
    Thanks, Sally

  5. I love these! Your other creations around your blog are so cute and inspiring as well! I am your newest follower! :)


  6. You can't go wrong with these fun pumpkins! I think I love the turquoise and the black/burlap pumpkin as well!

  7. Definitely worth it. I had never seen this before. Does that tell you how crafty must be? I add this.

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