October 03, 2011

Feet, Ghosts and a few Monsters...

So remember how I told you I'm more of a 'fall' person than a Halloween person?
Well I broke that rule a little for this project.

Cuz little man is so into scary things lately.
Is that a boy phase or what?
It's power rangers and ghosts all over the place right now.

So we decided to do a 'scary' project this weekend.
Cuz little man is just like me- looks for any excuse to use paint :)

See? How could you say no that?

I had to figure out what to put our ghosts on and my pile of scrap fence wood sure came in handy again.
This stuff is way too useful.
I used it on my farm sign and on several other projects coming up :)

We got some black and white paint for ghosts and little man insisted on green paint for some monsters.
But that's probably more associated with the fact that the green power ranger is his hero right now.

And we got to paintin' up those cute little feet.
(making the fish face is totally optional, but way cute)

Am I the only one obsessed with little people toes?
They're so squishy :)

See our cute little ghosts?
And before you think I'm some awesome ghost genuis, I should let you know that little man did footprint ghosts at his daycare last year.
And they were just too darn cute.
So I remembered them :)

I just used the back of the paintbrush to make dots for eyes.

And little man used his green paint to draw monstesrs on random pieces of wood.
So cute.
Or wait, scary.
Monsters are not supposed to be cute.
So I'm told.

Here's the other scary monster.
I was told he needed 'several' eyes.
Where does he learn words like several?
Cracks me up.

I decided the bottom blank spaces needed something...
so we added 'boo' in vinyl (spraypainted black like this project) onto the wood.

It was the perfect little 'something' that it needed.
And little man now knows how to spell 'boo'.

He had to add his monsters in for the photo shoot of course.

I propped our ghosts up on my blue shelf so they'd scare all the dust away.
Here's hoping.

The several-eyed monster ended up on my end table so I can see it.
But little man told me to make sure I don't have bad dreams about him. :)

And now I have his little footprints around for a lot longer than just having it on construction paper.

This took us about thirty minutes from start to finish.
And was so much fun to do together.
Ticklish feet and all :)

So grab the kiddos and have craft time- they'll think you're the coolest mommy ever.
At least, that's the reaction I got :)

I can't promise that with anyone over the age of five, sorry.

What do you think?
Aren't you proud of me for branching out and entering the 'halloween' decor zone??

Happy Monday guys!!
I'm super excited, because I start my first round of my first pediatrics clinical today!
Cross your fingers that I don't make a fool of myself :)

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  1. These little footprint ghosts made me laugh they are so cute! I love projects that get kids involved, not that I have any yet, but I'm brainstorming for when I do! :)

  2. this is adorable and you aren't the only one. I love little toes!

  3. What an adorable idea! I bet he had so much fun making this :)

  4. i LOVE hand & footprint crafts! I did this with my girls last year & plan to do it again this year - fun to see how much bigger this years ghosts will be!

    The wood piece looks so cute! :) What a fun decoration & keepsake all in one!

    Would love to have you share on my child centered linky - the Sunday Showcase -


  5. This is a "must-do" with my 3yo niece. My kids (ages 15 &12 )would think {know} I was crazy if I asked them to do it! Off to grab little missy to paint her feet. Thanks for the awesome idea!

  6. Wow, I love how this turned out. SO cute and it looks awesome. My kids would love making this as well!
    Thanks for sharing,

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  8. These are adorable! I like fall decor more too, but I am realizing that most of my decor is Halloween this year! :) What a great idea to use footprints for ghosts! I need to make some to scare away my dust too! I have a party going on over at my blog that is dedicated to using your craft stash items. The link is open for most of October and I would love to have you join! Here is the link if you are interested:

  9. What a cute idea! I love that you used fence! Those pictures of your little guy are too cute with his black and white feet! I love the expression on his face :)

    Thank for linking up to Sassy Sites! Have a wonderful Friday! XOXO!! marni

  10. suuuper super cute!! I love all the photos, too :) And it also makes me really happy to know power rangers is still as popular as it was when I was his age!! Found you through sassy sites :)

    -rachel w k

  11. Adorable! So glad you broke your rule--totally worth it! Would be thrilled if you shared this at the Bewitching Craft link party over at!

  12. This is really really cute! Love that picture of your son with his feet all painted. What a precious project. Visiting from TT&J!


  13. Super cute idea! I love little feet! (Too bad feet are near as cute once they get big) Thanks for linking up!

  14. SO cute, I can imagine in 10 years you'll look back on those little feet and sigh :) Great project~

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  19. Those little ghosts are so cute and make me smile! Such a great Halloween decoration.

    I'd love for you to link this up to my Monster Mash Bash!

    Hope to see you there!

  20. This is such a cute idea! I have 3 children so this could be a perfect project for us to do.

  21. I put a pin in it! Thanks so much for sharing. I have three kiddos and would love to have each kiddo contribute a "ghost."

  22. Totally fun!!! It would be wonderful to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  23. This is adorable and so fun that the kids get to be involved. I am so doing this next year! Thank you so much sharing and for linking up to our party Show and Share this week! Come on back this Wednesday to link up your current projects.

    A mommy's life...with a touch of YELLOW

  24. I love this idea! I'm featuring you on my blog so come grab a button!


  25. That's adorable! I love this idea. I have 3 kids so each one could be a letter! Thanks for sharing!

  26. what a fabulous idea. I think I will try this with my three kids. I have all the supplies needed. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

    would love for you to visit my blog when you have a chance.

    embellishments by tina

  27. Hey Kelsey! Thanks so much for sharing this adorable project at the Stache Party! I hope you'll come back next month to link up!


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